Monday, July 2, 2012

Mini Vacay = STRESS

So My vacation started out fun....Then it got annoying, and by the end of it, I was just stressed. Glad its over with. Did a little sigh seeing, met up with a cuzzin a haven't seen since I was a tot. But mostly...I made BOWS! And they are kick ass! But my weekend was pretty terrible (hence the lack of blogging I've done) Im not fully myself at the moment, Im hoping to get back to being me here soon! But in the mean time I will leave you with a few pix! 
 My little Munchkin! I <3 her (Bow made by me as well)
My n my tiny 
Gramma n Tiny 
She was laughing at the puppy! precious! 

And Finally A couple of my favorite bows I made over my trip. 

Well, hopefully my next blog will be more entertaining. until then deal with it punks! :p 



  1. YAY look at you!!! The bows look great!!! Tiny is just adorable!

  2. lol thanks and thanks! i tried a harder bow...i didnt realize how many fucking sizes of ribbon there are. its not as easy as it looks, ill tell ya that much!