Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Life Rocks Via IG

Linking up this week with Destiny for my life rocks Via IG

I'm pretty much top notch LAZY as FUCK today...sO I didnt number em. 

<3 <3 <3

Happy Hump day WOOO~

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Updgrade Vs. Update

So I have a Macbook (laptop)
And since I moved away from friends and family, We rely on skype and oovoo to video chat. Well skype is fine and dandy, but Im unable to use oovoo.

So I did research. 

Little did I know, I have to have MAX OS 10.6 or higher to install well as adobe flash player (No I also cant play my stupid facebook games anymore) I currently have 10.5.8

So I did more research...

I assumed, these were updates, and my stupid computer should do these automatically, so I decided to bitch at someone on apples website. 

Come to find out...10.6 is an UPGRADE, not an UPDATE, and cost 20 bucks.


So basically, I have to pay money, for an UPGRADEE, so I can do the typical free shit I was doing before on my computer that I'm unable to do now. 

Apple, I used to love your shit....Now you fucking piss me off!

UGh! Happy Tuesday!


Friday, November 16, 2012

Bloggie Revamparation!

Happy Friday Hookers!
TGIF right...well not more me. Just another day in the year I need a life.!

I was STUPID bored last night, and decided, I'd give my blog a make over. 
Given that Im still Blogtarded, All I know how to do is change the background and layout/look. 
So thats what I did. 

I chose black roses (which look grey...WAMP) because I am obsessed with Trey Songz song "Black Roses." Im awesome I know... 

Anyways, I'm totally Diggin it, and Imma try to figure out how to create a new banner, and button. 



Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday Woo Hooo!

Yay for link ups. Its been awhile since I did this one, and I'm totally in the mood for it. 
So head on over to The Little Things We Do and fill in the blanks!

1.  My best quality is that I am honest. Who knew. 

2.  One of my less flattering qualities is that I nag. Yes I nag my husband all the time. And IDGAF. 

3.  I'd rather be physically fit. But my damn knee is alll stupid and swollen. Damn you ACL!

4. Something I have been challenged with lately is Finances. But isn't that everybody? I wish I was rich. 

5. I am looking forward to  Heading home for christmas and new years to visit family and friends. I'll be sad to be away from my annoying hubby though. 

6. A super random factoid about me is I chopped some booby off back in 2004. (I was 17) and those bitches grew back. Then I breast I need implants. LOL

7.  I want to find a way to make money from home. Some kind of hobby like bow making or beanies, or SOMETHING so that I can bring some sort of $$ in for the family...since i have a tiny one...and cant afford child care right now. 

ITS FRIDAY! WHOOOO, If I was a working mama, 
I'd be like...YAY for the end of the work week! 
But nah...everyday is friday for me! LOL. 
Being a momma is a 24/7 job though. 
WEEKENDS...pshh whats that? 

Happy Freakin Friday Bitches!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

10 Months Old. Where has the time gone...

Today my little booger is 10 months. 
Im all kinds of sad about it. 
Like in 2 months she'll be 1. 
A freaking toddler. 

Though she already acts like a toddler...minus the back
I get back babble. I love it though!

Im blessed to have this lil wild child running around the apartment though. She is SO SO very busy, but Its amazing watching her learn and grow. 

So amazing, that Im looking forward to more...In a few years LOL. Pregnancy was a bitch. and I HATED IT...

But once I saw that beautiful little face. It was wellllllll worth the drama. haha. 

Im ghetto and BROKE....So I don't pay for photographers, because I am a boss.....So here's shots from her 10 month home photo-shoot. LOL. 

Its thanksgiving theme since of course, November is thanksgiving holiday! (:

Yay!! Happy 10 Months honey! Mommy Loves you so much! MUAH! 

Hope you hookers had a great weekend! 


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November Goals

Found this link up through none other then Destiny @ Rockin' Mama

And I for one am a huge fan of goal setting! 
Gives me something to work on and look forward to, and when I accomplish my goals...
I am one proud bitch! 
And I need a little proudness in my life. 

My November Goals
  • Walk 2 miles 5 days a week (rain or shine)
  • Drink more water
  • Eat at least 3 meals a day, healthy ones. 
  • Cut back on unhealthy snacking
  • Make one new friend in Colorado
  • Spend more quality time with my daughter, and less time on Facebook/Twitter/IG
  • Quit smoking. Lord please please help me with this one. 
Your turn. Head on on over to My So-Called Chaos, and link up! 


Monday, November 5, 2012

"The Incline" Manitou Springs Co

On Saturday, hubby and I decided to give the all famous "Incline" a go, to test our physical strength. 

Stupidest idea ever!

I haven't done any hardcore fitness in IDK how long. 

My hubby of course, is in the miliary, so his punkass is super fit. 

The "Incline" in Colorado, is a mile high hike (stairs) that begin at the bottom of pikes peak and literally goes STRAIGHT UP! It looks way longer then a mile. 
Se the line in the mountain. Yep thats the hike. Crazy people do it. 

Now given that I am from Fresno ca, and our elevation is either 0 or below zero lol.....climbing a mountain, starting at over 6,000 feet and heading higher, with no prior fitness....STUPID IDEA!

This was quiet possibly the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Including giving birth!
I had an epidural, shit was cake! lol. 

The journey up the mountain was PAINFUL! 
I cried, I yelled, I bitched and complained, I gave up like 23094280 times. 
But my hubby pushed me, WAY PAST my limits. 
I was in no condition to finish the hike. I have bad knees and ankles, a bad back, I'm not used to this elevation and, the icicng on the cake...I'm a smoker. (trying to quit)
This is less then a quarter of the way up....I hate those stairs with a passion....

So I was huffing and puffing, my thighs, quads, and calves were BURNING, I cried like a little bitch, but I dont give a fuck, cause I fought past it all. Even though I was SURE this hike would kill me. Somehow I'm still sitting here breathing. AMAZEBALLS!

After over and hour and a half of struggling, wanting to quit but knowing I couldn't cause there was no way in hell I was climbing back down those things, my hubbys encouragement and drive, and the rest of the hikers tell me to keep going, we finally reached the top!

Holy shitballs, I was done! No more stairs! WHOOOO!!!!
Yes I look a hottass mess, but I was literally crawling up them damn stairs. my legs couldnt do all the work. 

I hadn't planned to reach the top the first time. I knew it would be a huge challenge, and I wasnt prepared. As you can see we took our daughter, no she didn't like the climb, at least not the stopping part. lol i hadnt brought her any food or liquids for the hike, cause like I wasnt planning to finish. It also cooled off like 15 degrees at the top. I freaked out cause she was freezing and hungry and thursty. I did give her as much of my water as I could after we reached the top. Its not like she did any work but still. higher elevation, colder weather. Sigh. So...I am a shitty parent for that. I felt so bad. ):

The hike down, SO MUCH EASIER! There was a trail down.I did almost fall because the loose gravel and semi step decline in some areas....but hey, I FUCKING DID IT!

Hubby had the nerve to ask me yesterday if i was down to hike it again today after he got off work. I loked at hime 13 different kinds of crazy.


Well there you have it. My saturdays accomplishment and endeavor. 



Sunday, November 4, 2012

I Love Me Monday OOH SOO MUCH!


This is MY month. I will be 26 this month, Therefore, This is going to be a special I love me Monday! WHOOT!

Duck Face and Cleavage. 4 eyes, Dog Tags, and Make-up

I felt pretty today, I spent some time on myself. 
No It wasn't peaceful, I had my minnie me bitchin' the entire time.
I never get peace. ): 

{My I Love List}

I love...Tickling my baby girl, just to here her silly giggle

I love...My baby girls smile with her two tiny teeth, even during my lowest lows, her smile makes me smile

I love....cold weather, clouds just make me happy. 

I love...Feeling loved. The touches, the kisses, the random compliments, it just feels good. 

I momma. I miss that woman so much, being 3 states away is hard.

I love...good friends. ones that will listen to me bawl my eyes out over the phone, and try to calm me, even if it doesn't work, all while remaining supportive. 

I love...being tall, yes i used to hate that shit....but I've embraced the amazon-ness

I love....getting my nails done, I feel so girly, I miss you nails!!

I love....full body massages, seriously need a professional one right about now!

I love...being a mom. Its definitely a challenge, and I don't know what I am doing most of the time, and im constantly failing, and getting frustrated, but it is definitely fullfilling and gives meaning to my life. 

I love....that I will get to see another year of life on the 28th. Blessed to have made it this far, and I hope to see many many more. 

and finally....

I love....My family. They are my world. We struggle, we fight, we kiss and make-up. Marriage and a daughter aren't easier, but its the journey/climb that make it worthwhile. (:

Well there you have it, my loves for the month of november!
Hope you Love what I had to say!

Have a ass smacking monday bitches! 


Friday, November 2, 2012


OH BOOM! Friday, means shower you with photos of my love child. LOL
Follow me on IG beetches! @Sweet_mama_love

1 & 2. My perfect lil elephant
3. Selfie
4. Throwing a fit cuz I put shoes on her.
5. DUCKFACE And I won the war! BOOM!
6. Innocence
7. Halloween 2020

Halloween is over, now its turkey month, and oh yeah, MY BIRTHDAY! WOOP! 26, Bring it bitch! 

Have a fucking fabulous friday hookers!