Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Updgrade Vs. Update

So I have a Macbook (laptop)
And since I moved away from friends and family, We rely on skype and oovoo to video chat. Well skype is fine and dandy, but Im unable to use oovoo.

So I did research. 

Little did I know, I have to have MAX OS 10.6 or higher to install oovoo...as well as adobe flash player (No I also cant play my stupid facebook games anymore) I currently have 10.5.8

So I did more research...

I assumed, these were updates, and my stupid computer should do these automatically, so I decided to bitch at someone on apples website. 

Come to find out...10.6 is an UPGRADE, not an UPDATE, and cost 20 bucks.


So basically, I have to pay money, for an UPGRADEE, so I can do the typical free shit I was doing before on my computer that I'm unable to do now. 

Apple, I used to love your shit....Now you fucking piss me off!

UGh! Happy Tuesday! not....lol


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