Saturday, June 14, 2014

Please Help Me and My Daughter.


As most of you know, I moved back to Colorado in January. Used every last penny I had to make this move possible, I wanted my daughter to have her dad. I dreamed of a family for us.

I had to learn the hard way,
That what this is, isn't love.
What this is, isn't a family.

So I had to make the toughest decision of my life, and that is to walk away from my marriage. I put not only my heart on the line, but my daughters as well. No body expects to have their life come crashing down, their marriage to fall apart, and to be hundreds of miles from their safe place.

I sit here in tears as I type, because I always like to think I am a tough chick, and I can handle anything, I can deal with anything, and then....I look into my tiny daughters eyes, and BREAK because SHE deserves so much more, and I feel like I am failing her. And I believe that feeling, is worse then having some guy break your heart.

With all this said,

I need help. I'm states away from my family back in California, and people who give us unconditional love and support. I am scared, and very much alone, just me and my daughter. I NEED HELP TO GET HOME! I need help with a truck, gas money, and hotel money for my daughter and I. We need to leave, and we need to go fast. The longer we are here, the more depressed I become, and It becomes so much harder to be a mother, when you don't want her to see you cry, and hurt.

Its so hard for me to ask for help, I hate to do it, but this is for my daughter and I and I have to put my pride aside for once, Below is a link for donations to help my daughter and I get away from a bad negative unhappy life, and on the road to a better, loving, and happy life. Any little bit helps.

Thank you everyone for supporting me in my decisions, and the amazing amount of strength and encouragement you have given me.


Friday, May 9, 2014

Colorado Livin'

What up? What up? What up?

Yeah so it took awhile to settle back in here in Colorado. 
Moved back to be with the hubsters. 

Its still a roller coaster, But we are working on it. 

I wasn't able to get back on my Fitness grind right away either. 

However, I did get back on my grind. Its a lot harder out here then back in cali. 
Im a full time mom, hubby works ALOT, so my time is limited. 

Got me a jogging stroller so that I could go running at least. 
(Makes running even harder cause its heavy!)
Plus the hills and elevation. 

I do what I can with what I have. 

Its a struggle out here, but I am slowly figuring it out. 

Gotta do more editing to this blog, as I am now a WRAPSTAR.
More to come Later


Friday, January 24, 2014

P.S. Name Change

As SOON as I fall in love with a new blog name, I will rename this one. (:

The Failure Blogger ---OoPsiE

Sorry folks, those who give a damn anyways....

I've had a rough year. 
If it wasnt one thing, It was another. 
Hopefully this time I will stick around a bit. 
However, I am moving once again...
After my move is completed, and Im settled, 

Let the fitness bloggin begin, my trials and tribulation are what I hope to make this blog into. 

I began my health and fitness journey back in feb 2013, I was highly depressed and stressed. The process kicked my ass, on top of "single" motherhood and work, I don't really know how I did it. I continued to bust ass until Aug when all hell broke loose. I had to put everything on hold because life got in the way, however, I have kept 97% of the weight off. I am proud to say I went from a size 17, to a size 10. I haven't been a size 10 in god knows how long. 

Left: April 2012 -- Right: Jan 2014

As this chapter in my life comes to an end here in sunny california, another begins back out in colorado with my husband. 

The journey begins Monday....

I couldn't happier to get this fitness show on the road. Watch out high elevation, and dry skin, this bitch is on a mission, and nothing or no one will get in my way! 


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fitness Extravaganza!

So, my apologies for the maddd delay in posting My fitness update.
As I stated last post I would be starting new....FITNESS!
I wrote that post from Colorado, and I didn't have my computer, pictures...and whats a fitness post without result photos....its SHIT! lol.
It took me a few to get them all to my computer from my Facebook and Instagram.
Most of my progress can be seen there.

To my best of my abilities, I will keep the photos in order. NO promises.
This will be a MASS photo update, due to the fact its 4 months worth of fitness progress pictures....since I hopped on the blog fit train epically late. Its judgeable. LOL.

So. Hello Fatty. Ok no im not a hippo....but I was unhappy. So...I fucking did something about it! 
I began my journey Feb 18th, 2013. Best decision of my life. 

One of my very first pictures post work out...Check out the chubby face. (:
about 3 weeks into working out....

I bought myself this watch to track my progress! I love knowing how much I'm burning! 
Clearly...the workout kicked my ass! 

Gym Sesh! I go hard, and never quit! From spin classes, to swimming, Cardio is a beautiful thing!

This watch completes my fitlife! Idk what fitlife was before it! 

1 month of working out. TOTALS! yes!!!!!!

I know, you were thinking, okay Im sick of your face and watch. Show me progress. 
It doesn't come over night, It takes months. On this day around 3 months or so in....I felt SKINNY!
So I snapped some photos....and I look great! Dedicated. YES! 

More polarwatch Totals. 1000+ calories, in 1 day! 

If your not sweating....Your not working! (: 

12 Laps = 3 miles. 
3 miles of intense intervals.! 
Eliptical.....ya don't say!

 So I wont fake it and say I didn't get a little help from itWorks fit wraps. 
No im not a cheater, but I am a mother, with excess flubber around my midriff. 
Top = post first wrap. 
Bottom= post 9th wrap. I'd say the shit works. 
(Soon to be a dristibuter starting early july. BE PREPARED!) 
I love itWorks!

 FUCK YES! That is a sexy flat tummy for yall.  (:
I was super skinny while in Colorado. 
This is only 2 weeks ago guys! 
4 months of fitness!

Getting my skinny on while on vacation. 
Seriously....I dont quit. Go has hard as possible, every time!

 And this my friends....was from today. 
June 19 (its 1am on the 20th now) 
 I put in 3.5 miles = my cool down. a total of around 4 miles. 
This was one of my best run, based on the fact I didnt stop, and didnt hurt, but felt AMAZING the entire run.

 And finally....dun dun dun......

Left: was 1 year ago
Right: is recent of course! 

One would say Im pretty much obsessed with my progress. 
Wouldn't you be too!

last summer...I weighed in at 247lbs. 

Today I weigh in at around 205lbs. 




My goal weight however is 170. 
Im not entirely sure I can get there, given I have a lot of muscle....
But thats what I am aiming for. 
As soon as I hit that, It'll be all about maintaining, toning and tightening. 

Im excited for my future. 
I hope to inspire folks. 
Im not a magnificent weight loss story....
however, I had a story...
I've shared it, 
And I will continue to do so. 

Never give up, Never quit. 
You're just one work out away from being happy. 


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Starting over...Completely Fresh.


So I haven't blogged in months!!! Did you miss me?

Of course you did!!! Deep down inside you really really did. (:

Anyhow.....I'm changing my blog around.

I dedicated my life to health and fitness about 4 months ago.
Its been one hell of a journey. I've struggled with my confidence, weight and looks for around 3 years now. At least...that's when I noticed I had fattened up.
Prior to my weight gain, I was actually incredibly thin. Maxing out at about 5'10 180 lbs of muscle.  I was fit, and damn sexy butt ass naked.

So....I decided I would take you allll the way the beginning, to update you on how i got to where i am now.

Heres my story. Ill try to keep it as short as possible.

All my life I've been very athletic. Since age 6. Sports all year long, every year, through high school. I was very physically fit and thin. During my junior year, at age 17  i tore my acl playing high school soccer. DEVASTATING!!! It was truely horrific. Life as I knew it was over. 6 month recovery period. No physical activity....lots of junk food. I gained 40 lbs. That put me at around 180lbs. As a junior that sucked balls. Eventually I recovered and was back for my senior year of soccer. I was never 100% again. I was babied that year. ..never allowed to play to my full potential, but even so, a jr college coach wanted me....but my love for soccer died my senior year. At 18 that was the first year of no sports. It was harder then I that spring (freshmen year), I trained for my soph yr of college....hurt my knee again....had surgery....recovered in 2 months. Also....during this boyfriend of 3 years dumped me. Really heart broken, and crippled....I pushed myself harder then I ever had. I didn't eat, I just ran. And ran.....and ran. I then tried out for the team the summer prior to sophomore year....because I was injured still and couldn't have physical contact....I didn't make it. It broke my heart. ...but I understood. That was the end of my soccer career. So...I decided id just run....A LOT. From age 19 to 23 I ran almost everyday. Stairs at the stadium.....miles and miles. I was confident, in shape, and hot. Eventually I met my current husband online. We had a lot of drama....running began to stop. I began to gain weight again. I wasn't happy with that...but I also wasn't driven anymore. I stopped caring about my looks, but on the inside I was 24  decided to stop with the self pitying....and train again....BAM! PREGNANT. Fitness was put on hold again....and I gained....and gained....and gained weight. In reality....I only gained 22 lbs. Lol. But I went from 225 to 247 post baby. I hated being being 247 made me a whale when I wanted to weigh 170. I said my entire pregnancy, as soon as I got released, I was going crazy with fitness....6 weeks post baby...I tried one sit up cried and quit. Never tried again....not until 6 months post baby....I tried....but it was too much for I quit. Life kept going....I joined my husband in Colorado Oct of last year. At that point i was 230ish lbs. But i still hated how I looked. I was miserable, depressed, and felt hideous, and untouchable....that along with other things tore us apart. So in dec...I went back to cali to live with my mom and start new. I got a job, and purchased a gym memebership....that's where my journey begins.

In following posts....I will post past experiences until I'm current. Prepare yourselves. My journey has only begun.


Friday, January 25, 2013

ERmaGerdd I have a 1 year old!

2 weeks ago my mini me turned 1! 
See how amazing I am at updating! lol

I'd Write some super amazing sappy post for her...but Im seriously to fucking lazy to do that shit. So I'll put up a few pictures, and let you ooh an ahhh over how le gorgeous her tiny butt is!




Okay...enough Ohh's and Ahh's lol

We had a blast with family. A small sort of thing. No real theme. Like I said, SETBACKS, So I couldnt give her the huge and amazing birthday with a million little kids running around party she deserves...

Probably NOT a bad thing though.... 

Was perfect for us. 

Hope you enjoyed this amazing post, because anything with my mini me in it is AMAZING! (: