Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fitness Extravaganza!

So, my apologies for the maddd delay in posting My fitness update.
As I stated last post I would be starting new....FITNESS!
I wrote that post from Colorado, and I didn't have my computer, pictures...and whats a fitness post without result photos....its SHIT! lol.
It took me a few to get them all to my computer from my Facebook and Instagram.
Most of my progress can be seen there.

To my best of my abilities, I will keep the photos in order. NO promises.
This will be a MASS photo update, due to the fact its 4 months worth of fitness progress pictures....since I hopped on the blog fit train epically late. Its judgeable. LOL.

So. Hello Fatty. Ok no im not a hippo....but I was unhappy. So...I fucking did something about it! 
I began my journey Feb 18th, 2013. Best decision of my life. 

One of my very first pictures post work out...Check out the chubby face. (:
about 3 weeks into working out....

I bought myself this watch to track my progress! I love knowing how much I'm burning! 
Clearly...the workout kicked my ass! 

Gym Sesh! I go hard, and never quit! From spin classes, to swimming, Cardio is a beautiful thing!

This watch completes my fitlife! Idk what fitlife was before it! 

1 month of working out. TOTALS! yes!!!!!!

I know, you were thinking, okay Im sick of your face and watch. Show me progress. 
It doesn't come over night, It takes months. On this day around 3 months or so in....I felt SKINNY!
So I snapped some photos....and I look great! Dedicated. YES! 

More polarwatch Totals. 1000+ calories, in 1 day! 

If your not sweating....Your not working! (: 

12 Laps = 3 miles. 
3 miles of intense intervals.! 
Eliptical.....ya don't say!

 So I wont fake it and say I didn't get a little help from itWorks fit wraps. 
No im not a cheater, but I am a mother, with excess flubber around my midriff. 
Top = post first wrap. 
Bottom= post 9th wrap. I'd say the shit works. 
(Soon to be a dristibuter starting early july. BE PREPARED!) 
I love itWorks!

 FUCK YES! That is a sexy flat tummy for yall.  (:
I was super skinny while in Colorado. 
This is only 2 weeks ago guys! 
4 months of fitness!

Getting my skinny on while on vacation. 
Seriously....I dont quit. Go has hard as possible, every time!

 And this my friends....was from today. 
June 19 (its 1am on the 20th now) 
 I put in 3.5 miles = my cool down. a total of around 4 miles. 
This was one of my best run, based on the fact I didnt stop, and didnt hurt, but felt AMAZING the entire run.

 And finally....dun dun dun......

Left: was 1 year ago
Right: is recent of course! 

One would say Im pretty much obsessed with my progress. 
Wouldn't you be too!

last summer...I weighed in at 247lbs. 

Today I weigh in at around 205lbs. 




My goal weight however is 170. 
Im not entirely sure I can get there, given I have a lot of muscle....
But thats what I am aiming for. 
As soon as I hit that, It'll be all about maintaining, toning and tightening. 

Im excited for my future. 
I hope to inspire folks. 
Im not a magnificent weight loss story....
however, I had a story...
I've shared it, 
And I will continue to do so. 

Never give up, Never quit. 
You're just one work out away from being happy. 


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