Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Military Stress/Birth Control

Well, damn!

Life, why must you be so damn stressful?

Naw Fuck that.....MILITARY LIFE, why must you be so stressful!

So as you may or may no know, hubby has orders for Fort Carson, Colorado. 

First thing is first, my POS car thats slowly but surely falling apart before my eyes, needs to be replaced. Now my shitty job in which I'm quitting in 2 weeks (Cannot effing wait) does not provide me with the ability to go take out a car loan for a new USED car...problem #1!

So our main concern now is how are we going to get a car to get to our new duty station, and also how are we going to get another car for hubby when we get there. I was however informed about some program through the military that will help him with a car loan, while we go through a bank for my car loan. This shit is just too much!

The next big issue...Where the hell are we going to live in Colorado! I of course am dying to live on base! Why because that shits free, and this is our first time in this situation. DUH were not veterans! PSHHH!!! Hubby has said that the wait list is a year long, but my veteran homie has told me because he is married with a small baby, FUCK that wait list...they will find us housing. And I mean...They should. The hell. LOL so...Thats that! BOO!

These two things have been stressing me the most the past week. This move is only a month away. And NO...I haven't even lifted a finger in beginning to pack. I HATE PACKING!

This will be my....4th move in a little under 2 years. So you can understand WHY I hate it! And this move is WAY bigger then the other 3! Sigh...Shoot me now!


Today was also the day I started my new Birth Control. To much info...I dont give a damn!
I decided, (since im still sort of mainly breast feeding, my hooters HATE ME) that because I absolutely fail at taking pills, and refuse to get the depo shot (hi im already over weight lets not add to the blubber!) and the morena scares the fuck shit damn outta go ahead with the implanon. 3 years of pill/nuvaring/and any other BC free won my heart. And I chose it because 3 years is the minimum I want to wait for another baby. Once me and hubby figure our shit out and are stable, etc, we can try for another, but for now, were happy with one! 
So I have this matchstick long rod in my arm...chillen....keeping me from getting pregnant. creepy huh. Yeah I think so. I can feel it too. Its weird. LOL. 

This hump day has been long. And no humping is taking place so BOOOO! lol

P.S. Im still trying to figure out where I'm going with my blog. Everytime I think of some amazing thing I can blog about...Im no where near a computer! Then by the time im sitting in front of the screen my brain is BLANK!
Im going to start carying a notebook around for special blogging thoughts (:


We Want To Know Wednesday!


Linking up today for another we want to know/ switched up to would you rather,

 and you know, I just LOVE would you rather, so here goes! (:

{one} WYR...Never be able to look in the mirror again or always get dressed in total darkness?
TAHA....Get dressed in total darkness...then I can go to the bathroom, look at my outfit, and run back into the blackness, and figure it all out, plus I can totally see in the dark! LOL

{two} WYR...Receive $50 a day for the rest of your life or $50,000 right here and now?
This is hard for me man....I need a new car, and to pay of my credit cards and student loans, so realistically speaking....Id have to take the 50,000 right here and now....but only for those reasons...If i was debt free, Id totally take 50$ a adds up....30 years from now Id have $912,000...yep I did the math! LOL

{three} WYR...Have extreme narcolepsy or have a bad case of tourette's?
Well damn, I never want to have either! ....Thinking...thinking....I got nothing. Eenie minie miney case of tourettes, why...I have no idea.

{four} WYR...Be able to rewind 24 hrs 3 times a year or consciously control your dreams?
Pshhhh. Too easy. Control my dreams. Oh they'd be so good! 

{five} WYR...Be fluent in every language around the world or be the best in the world in a category of your choosing?
I like languages, I think they are awesome, and being fluent in every language would totally make me best in the world in languages! POW! LOL owned it! 

Its a fabulous wednesday, and Im nervous to try out this new Birth Control. Better yet terrified. But...Im not trying ot have another baby for a few years, so I have to grow some balls! Wish me luck! 

Also...HELLLOOOOOO to all my new followers! So glad to have you all! I need someone to tell me how to fix this REPLY button issue, cause I feel like such an ASS for not being able to respond to peoples comments! Grrrr..../:

Have a wicked awesome wednesday lovies! 


Monday, August 27, 2012

Jazelle Made Me $$$

So today was HECTIC!

I cleaned, and threw out clothes, went grocery shopping, and used 7 WIC coupon for this month...

I'm EXHAUSTED...Buttt.....

While I was out grocery shopping, this old man with his son or grandson, was highly fascinated with my daughter (how could you not be, she's a DOLL) He was petting her forehead, and gently squeezed her little toe, at first I was like WTF are you kidding me, but then I was like..He's harmless. He continued on about how pretty and precious she was, then went into how expensive the grocery store was. I was like ummmm....OKAY! So me and my friend continued on shopping and about 10 minutes later, the guy comes back up to us, and is like...

"She is so gorgeous, and they grow so fast, so...Heres $40 get something for her. "

Now imagine the look on my face....O_o

LOL, I attempted to turn it down, thinking is this even OKAY? Can I take money from a stranger because my daughter is cute...Like thats not normal! LOL

He would NOT let me turn it down! The hell! So I accepted and thanked him, then....he hugged me, AWKWARD!!!

SO because the $40 was for her, and because we have only a few Diapers left, and don't get paid till friday....(and no she wont make it till then as much as she poops)  I bought a box of 144 diapers, and a bag of 36!! 

I'm still just fucked in the head over what happened, NEVER in my life would I have ever thought up something like this happening to me.! CRAZY!

Then...She cried for an entire hour while we checked out, bagged, unloaded, and put away groceries. 

Sigh...Long night! 

Hope you all had a fabulous Monday! 


Sunday, August 26, 2012


Hello Beautiful Sunday! 

So I've decided, I need to stop being a lazy whore, And get my ass in gear! 

Seriously, for the past two years, I've just let myself GO! 

From getting pregnant, to having my gorgeous daughter and getting minimal sleep, I've kinda been in depressed mode, not giving a flying fuck... eating all the bad foods I know will clog my arteries, and since my husband left 5 months ago for basic training and AIT, I seriously have cooked maybe 7-10 homemade meals, like real ones. Not oven pizza type shit. So...Today is the day, I turn my life around. 

I need to get my baby girl on a semi regular schedule, no more of this, bed time whenever the hell you want nonsense --which ends up being between 1130-130am. 

She needs a normal type schedule so we can go for walks in the morning...Then I can get her to my moms, so I can hit the good ol gym, and get my own jiggly caboooose into shape, cause now my hubbys all sexy and buff, and I'm all flabby and post preggo. EW. I want him to see me and be like FUCK, thats my wife! --He tells me Im gorgeous he loves me for me, but who the hell is he kidding, the jiggly pouch that hangs under my saggy boobs, NOT CUTE. (In the future Ill be getting a boob job, I already know this!) 

I just really need to be more productive...But to be that, I REALLY need more sleep. Staying up till 3am, and then waking up with the baby, just a few hours later, makes me want to do NOTHING all day, but veg out, and be a bum. NO MORE!

Ok well, maybe once a week I'll allow that....SUNDAYS! WEEE!

Im excited to turn my shit around, I just hope I keep to it! But one this is for sure, I NEED TO QUIT SMOKING. Its disgusting, and I've thought that ever since I started. Thankfully, Ive only been smoking for 3 years (mini cigars), and more recently, cigs for about 3 months. So That shit ends today - right after this pack is gone! LOL Dont judge me yo! 

Seriously, theres 34 more days until my hubby comes home, and maybe 40 until we move to Ft Carson Colorado (if all goes as planned) 

The excitement is building each day, come sept 28th, Im going to EXPLODE with excitement and anticipation! I love my Mr! 

Hope your fabulous ladies are having a beautiful weekend! 

And Hello to all my amazing new reader! You guys kick ass! Glad to have ya!!


Friday, August 24, 2012

My Life Rocks Via-Instagram

Another Week of IG fun! I swear, I don't take ENOUGH pictures, but at the same time, I take TOO many! Ay Dios Miooo!

Head on over to Rockin Mama To link up!!

1. My Beautiful Daughter...Who clearly is unaware her binkie is upside-down - NOT A SINGLE FUCK WAS GIVEN! LOL
2. Shits n Giggles
3. A repost, but I effing love it. Playin in the sand, and definitely not feeling it! 
4. Bed time Snuggles <3
5. 2 month olds, falling asleep in her tub. 
6. Pumpkin doesn't like my glasses, just RUDE!
7. Seriously...This is how she sleeps. I get the space between the zebra pillow and her. I'm not little!
8. The best shit EVER! It's Dangerously GREAT! 

YAY! for the freaking weekend, I'll drink to that!! 
Hope all you lovely hookers have a WONDERFUL weekend, and had a great week!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We Want to Know Wednesday!


I think Im just a link up whore. But I know your not complaining! (:

1. If you are sick in bed how do you entertain yourself? TV, books, sleep?
Sleep and movies. But DAMN, I'd hate to be sick in bed! There's no one home to take care of me right now, and I don't have cable in my room! 

2. Do you share your medical drama with the world or keep it to yourself?
Well, I haven't been sick in quiet sometime (knocks on wood), but I'd probably share my misery with the world, unless of course, it was super personal. Might take me awhile unload that news on a bunch of strangers. /: I'd have to learn to cope first. 

3. Do you pray, send healing thoughts & hugs or good vibes to friends when they are 
ill or sad?
Oh definitely! It kills me to see my best hookers sick or sad. I do my best to make the best out of the situation, and give them strength, hope, and be encouraging. Shoot, Im a positive polly! (:

4. If someone offers to bring in dinner to you or your family, do you let them?
Who is this someone, and why they wanna bring me dinner? lol. ahhh, Im not gonna just eat ANYONES food. But if it was a friend who was like, dude your like super sick, lemme bring you some dinner, totally would smash on that food! But if was some weirdo who stalks me, probably not...who knows what poison they put in that food to make me fall under some weird spell! pshhh!!! lol

5. If you could ask for any meal or treat when you were sick/sad/healing, what would it be?
Sick, chicken noodle soup....Sad, beer or vodka, margarita...anything along the lines of alcohol, Healing...slutty muffins (cupcakes) or cookies. mmmm COOKIES!!

Hope everyones week is going fabulous! Its half over! YESSS!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


So...I lied yet again! 


YAY are you excited because I am! 

Its been a hectic past few weeks, I was working like a slave, then finally got 6 days of (currently ending day 3) So I took a mini day trip to the california coast, and got some great photos along the way. 

My oh My...I love my gorgeous little girl! 
Hope ya'll had a wonderful weekend, and YAY for a new week....
Another day down, another day closer to reuniting with the Mista!


I Love Me Monday

So I lied, and said I would post a normal update of my life...LOL Fuck it...Im linking up to  I love Me Monday over at yet again my favorite hooker ever Destiny @ Rockin' Mama
I love it because, Its ME! So Go check it out! NOW!

There isn't anything more beautiful than a woman comfortable in her own skin!
I LOVE ME MONDAY is just that, loving who you are!
Step out from behind the camera and embrace your beauty!

3 questions are listed below to answer, please include them with your self portrait.

Fresno State University College Graduate May 2012
Its not a "today" pic but its one im DAMN proud of!

1. What is one thing you always seem to forget and want to punch yourself for it? 
Putting my cell phone charger in my bag before I leave the house. These days cell phones stay charged about 4 hours then DIE! And mine...ALWAYS dies...and my charger is unique, and NOT universal! BOO!

2. If you could spend 15 minutes with any person of your past, present, living or deceased who would you choose? 
Hmm...I would have to say my MIL, weird answer I know, but I dont see her to often, (or at all) and I don't speak spanish which is her only language, but I know my Mista Mista would love just a few minutes to be with his mom whom he hasn't seen in almost 2 years. Awww fuck I'm so nice. 

3. What's your favorite way to wake up? 
Shit, Either soft caresses from my man with a kiss on the cheek (cause yes, fucking morning breath is disgusting on EVERYONE, your no exception, so don't play like your breath don't stink when you wake up!) or, my baby girl grabbing my face and kissing me like she did this morning, it was absolutely perfect! 

There is me! Arent I just so..ME! 


Shit I Hate Sunday

Linkadoodle on up to My 6th toe Destiny at Rockin' Mama because I said sooo!

Shit I hate...

My cell phone. Fuck you Cellular device, you shitty piece of plastic. I miss my nokia and motorola from HS, Indestructible lil bastards!

Getting no sleep, and then having a crying baby....those two things just DO NOT go together, makes me want to smash my head into the wall. 

Chapped lips. OOOMMMMGGGG!!!! why is there not ONE DAMN tube of chapstick in this entire APT!  >___<

My teeth, not because they are perfect and straight, but because I know my mouth is full of cavities, and  the hubby hasn't signed us up for dental care, and boy that dentist who ever it shall be is gonna HATE me and my mouth. 

Driving, I just simply do not enjoy packing up the diaper bag, putting Jazelle in her car seat, and putting that heavy ass bitchass carseat into my POS car...which brings me to the next...

My POS car. I regret buying you. Your just crappy, but I still am thankful to have your shitty ass!

telling myself at 11pm that I was going to bed, and now its 1am. FUCK ME!

Well....I need to end it there, because SERIOUSLY I need to take my extremely tired ass to sleep!

Hope you all are having a kick ass weekend! 

I will have a REAL update with pics from my day trip to the cali coast later today after my much needed beauty sleep. Great shots of my little one! Cant wait to share!



Friday, August 17, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

You shall NEVER get tired of my link ups! I freaking LOVE doing these. 
So tonight I'm Linking up with Lauren over at The Little Things We Do For the awesome 
Fill in the Blank Friday!

1. The best thing to do on a hot day is  never EVER leave the house. Lately here in central Cali, USA its been around 110. SERIOUSLY! 

2.   The best place to be on a hot day is  In the AC. You can never go wrong inside an airconditioned place!

3.  The best thing to eat on a hot day is  popsicles, LOTS AND LOTS of popsicles. OM NOM NOM!

4. Hot days  are pure torture here in the valley. Its hott, dry hott. no breeze to even cool the sweat. But I still love me some cali!

5. My go to uniform on a warm summer day is  Naked. ALL DAY! ahaha JK. A sports bra and tiny shorts. cause you know...I NEVER leave my apt! 

6. The scent that reminds me of summer is  sunscreen, or brand new plastic, I could sniff that shit all day everyday! LOLOL

7.  My favorite thing about summer is  Not having school...but thats kind of irrelevant now because I graduated! LOL....sooo....NOTHING I hate this cali heat. Cant even go enjoy a day in the park cause I'll overheat, and its not healthy for the little one! 

Hope you all have an amazing Friday, I will be spending my day in on the coast, cooling off, and being a picture WHORE! Can't wait!


My Life Rocks Via-Instagram

Been looking forward to this link up all week! 
Linkin up to my hooker over @ Rockin' Mama for some Instagram FUN!

1 & 2 apparently she loves herself - mirror kisses
3 Pretty in pink and zebra
4 Holding her own bottle that she found with left overs in it - Big girl
5 ruuning the 5k color me rad race in sept way excited
6 & 7 I failed astronomically! LOL and just noticed this NOW, and am FAR to lazy to go fix it! SO...This is called, SHARING IS CARING! lol. She couldn't wait.
8 Matching headbands and a unhappy baby
9 Rocking the lime reen and cheetah bow! <3

Loving my uploads to IG this week! My princess is so damn cute!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Its Okay Thursday


Another FABULOUS Link up for me today! 

Ohhh Thursday, ITS OKAY (:

Its okay....

To stay up wayyyy late, and wake up waayyy early, and tell yourself, tomorrow I'm going to go to bed when my baby does, only to find yourself awake at 2 am bloggin. YEP...

To eat at 2am because your hungry...even thought your trying to get skinny. 

To text in a crappy Asian accent to your friend because you are NOT normal

To stare at your baby like a freaking stalker because she is just so precious when she sleeps

To re-pierce all the piercings you've had for years but forgot about, and suffer the painful consequences.

To text your friend everyday FIRST, just because your are a BITCHING friend (:

To feel like a loser because you just started bloggin in june, and still only have 12 Loyal readers. LOL

To miss your other half, and sometimes cry at night cause its crazy lonely ... Crap I got sappy!

To not want your baby sleeping in the same bed with you cause she sleeps horizontal, leaving you with 1/16 of the bed, and kicks you in the ribs, neck, and face all throughout the night!

To go home from work early because ohhh I dont know its 110 degrees outside, and your standing in it for hours on end...Sick much?

Its okay to clean your house after 9pm...because your kids asleep, and not following you everywhere you go crying because your not holding them. 

To be totally obsessed with having a kickass blog! 


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We Want to Know Wednesday

This is a new link up for me. Thought I'd give this one a shot <3

Also...I had to refrain from my usually "bad" language...(:


Our Dandelion Wishes

This is one with a twist this week. They've switched it up to Would you Rather...which I thought might be idk, AMAZING to do! 

So lets see...

{one} WYR...have your own private jet or your own private island?
This is a tough one, an island would be pretty rad, but...I think I'd take the jet, cause then, I could fly wherever the hell I wanted! Smart...I think YES!

{two} very good looking or very smart?
Very Smart...Looks fad. DUH! If I was a genius, I could probably be rich, and just pay to make myself pretty. LOL

{three}WYR...have the ability to be invisible or the ability to fly?
OMG being invisible would be legit, and why would I need to fly when I have my own private jet! TAHA!

{four} WYR...have the ability to read minds or control the weather?
Read minds. Knowing everything your thinking before you say it...OMG greatness. I could careless about the weather. 

{five} able to hear any conversation or take back anything you say?
Take back anything I say...I realize I should live without regrets, but mid-fight when your just mad, and to stupid to walk away, you same some hurtful crap...that after you cool off you just wish you could take back cause you didn't mean it. Yeah...../:

Tuesday, August 14, 2012



I loathe you! I was inspired by this bitch Destiny at Rockin' Mama Who made some sweet changes to her profile. 

And of course, who helped make mine look "Bitchin'"

Yes my shit ROCKS now!

I would be a blogging loser if it weren't for this chick! Thanks whore cookie! 

Hope you love the changes...I <33 lips! Can ya tell?

Onto mission impossible...straightening this rats nest on top of my head. sigh.....This  is gonna take awhile! ):


Monday, August 13, 2012

The Hang of it....NOPE

So I've Decided, I still have NOT got the hang of this blogging thing. 

I see it as a damn online diary. 

But....The more I read others blogs, the more confused I get. The fuck am I doing. 

I need time to think LOL....

Shit hurts my head. Though...I definitely understand more now then I did when I started...but my posts are turning into only link ups. 

Is that really a bad thing though....Nah didn't think so! :p

47 days till I reunite with the most awesome man I know. My hubbster...also known as 47 days till I get LAID! LOLOLOL....sexual frustration at its best!

My super smart hubby also passed his NREMT exam today as well, meaning he finally phased, and can go do shit off base....ugh....hope he stays away from the booze tho, fuckers get in trouble at that base! /:

Happy Monday beezies and the 2 of my 5 days of work! POOP! 



Linkin up with my kickass bitch Rockin' Mama for another sweet I Love Me Monday

Tits McGee <3

1. Describe yourself in one word. 
Driven - Because clearly...I go hard in the mutha fukkin paint! lol
2. What word would your friends use to describe you as, and why?
Goofy -- because im fucking silly thats why. half the shit I say makes 0 sense. 
3. If your life was a flavor, would you describe it as sweet, salty, or sour? 
Salty -- cuz shit happens bitch!

Shit I Hate Sunday -- for the win

Check out this fancy hawt link up that I love oh so much!
Rockin' Mama
Shit I hate---Fresno. PERIOD! This bitch is hott as fuck. high 111 yesterday! Go kill yourself fresno. You hott as valley
Shit I hate -- Gas prices. The fuck are you rising for. Do we look like were rich bitches? ummm NO! Thanks go back down damn it!

Shit I hate -- biting my lip, then biting the same spot again...and again...FUCK!

Shit I hate -- Money, you can never seem to have just the right amount....

Shit I hate -- Losing touch with friends. I love you people.... :P

Short but hey, Its monday now, and kiss my ass! lol


Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Life Rocks Via-Instagram

Not Gonna lie...took my about 30 minutes to figure this collage thing out! LOL

1. Baby girl rockin her uncles hat. 
2. Baby girl hating her new hate from her abuela
3. uncle duddin && tiny smooth chillen
4. Nap time for the both of us!
5. Thats one way to use a bouncer....
6. Why you calling my name, clearly I'm busy!

This was a fun link up. Ive just been slackin on the IG pictures cause its been to hot to live out here in central cali! We've had extreme heat warnings. Till this sunday, and guess who works in it! This bitch right here! 

Hope you all had a GREAT week, and YAY for the weekend!


Fill in the Blank Friday

Yay for another Fill in the Blank Friday!!
via Lauren over at The Little Things We do

1.  The age I will be on my upcoming birthday is  21....for the 6th time! (: Dont judge me! 

2.   The best birthday present ever would be a vacation with my husband, just the two of us, to a remote location with a beautiful view.

3.  My favorite birthday to date was probably as a kid. sleep overs with my friends, usually themed. 

4. Birthdays make me feel  nothing. 

5. The worst birthday I ever had was  2 years ago. I moved, into a house, by myself. No help. Then after settling in for 2 seconds, had to shower and get dressed for "dinner" and I had to drive, which was actually...a surprise party with a few friends, that I couldn't even get fucked up at, why...because I drove. AFTER MOVING MY SHIT CLEANING, and UNPACKING. FORREALS! I appreciated my friends effort tho. But the day was shitty! 

6. When I was born  I came outta my moms cooter. all light skinned and chubby. But I was the ultimate black friday gift. BOSS! 

7.  So far my favorite age has been  21. cliche....probably but IDGAF! I partied, I lived, I had the fucking time of my life. But I guess in the mindset of a 25 year old wife and mother....that age will change, because I adore being a mother and wife. (: 

End of November I will be celebrating 26. I remember 20-23 like it was yesterday. WHEN, HOW, WHAT THE....26! My lord. 


Wednesday, August 8, 2012




I seriously haven't done a normal update in like forever! I've been SO busy with work, and well just kicking it @ my mommas watching the olympics! (She has no wireless internet-SMH)

I have the next 3 days off (THANK GOD) So I finally get a break!

Me and my husband are doing AMAZING right now. I couldn't be happier. Communication has gotten better, we still disagree financially...hopefully somehow we work that out. /: but besides that, We are PERFECTO! 
I miss him like CRAZY! And still have 53 days till he's home with us! CANNOT WAIT! 

I don't however have ANYTHING new happening in my life. I've been so out of the social networking community the last week, cause I've been so caught up in the olympics. I absolutely ADORE watching them! 

USA womens soccer is playing for the gold this thursday! I seriously want to have a damn party, so I'm not cheering like a crazy fuck all alone in my tiny apt! lol. But I refuse to buy snacks! Soooo, nope not gonna happen! 

I haven't even been working out the past 2 weeks. FUCKING LAZY. FAILURE! SMH! But damn, working as much as I have and being a momma, I've been occupado! So I'm not stressin. Im not gaining weight either, cause I'm starving myself, healthy right...I know. FUCK IT! 

Hopefully I'll have a better post, after I get some well deserved rest! 


Monday, August 6, 2012

I Love Me Monday

Im totally feeling this new link up my whorebag Destiny created over at Rockin' Mama
I think its absolutely PERFECT!

I fucking LOVE this pic of me!

1. What do people compliment you on the most? Compliments....let me dig deep....My smile. I got it alot at all my jobs. People just loved it. And once when I was like 11, a friend told me one thing they really liked about me was that I was always smiling, even when I wasn't. I'll never forget that (:
 2. Your greatest accomplishment? Graduating college with my BA in kinesiology and a minor in psychology, while pregnant, and then with an infant. FUCK YES, I fucking kick ASS! Im so proud of myself. But I had a 
LOT of help from my hubby and mom. (:

3. Do you consider yourself to have an old or young soul? 
Young soul. I suppose. I've always considered myself young at heart. (I like playing on play grounds, swinging, batting cages, things of that sort) 

I seriously love my readers, simply because you chose to have my shit show up on your feed. (:
And If you haven't, you should! (: 
Hope you had a great ending to your weekend, and have a fabulous Monday! 


Sunday, August 5, 2012


One of my most FAVORITE link ups by my baby mama over at Rockin' Mama


Shit I hate - Fresno drivers. You people fucking suck. How the hell did you get your license! 

Shit I hate - This tiny bump on my tongue that hurts like hell.... yet, I CANNOT stop playing with it. and no you cant see it, yup its one of those lil shits!
Shit I hate - Work. Enough said. 

Shit I hate - Painting my toe nails....which is probably why there hideous right now, nail polish is like on less then half the nail. LOL, Haven't done that shit since early June before I went to see the hubby. SMFH

Shit I hate - The fact that I cant type for shit on my phone or my computer. I mispell the fuck out of everything and there's usually a (.) where a space should be when I type on my phone. FUCK it, the cool ones know WTF Im saying.

Shit I hate - Health insurance, WHY did you send me a bill for 120 bucks for a doctors appt for my stupid eyes that SHOULD be covered, cant wait for that phone call! 

Shit I hate - cooking for one. Left overs anyone???

Shit I hate - brushing my hair, only to see a huge clump in the brush. WHY oh WHy are you falling out hair. I NEED YOU. I do not want to be a baldy. I really do need to take care of myself better. SIGH!

Welll There you have it, this weeks, SHIT I HATE. 

It's sunday...Day 4 of working later on. I want to call in. I can't stand how they treat us sometimes. But I know Ill miss all my boomers buddies when I leave. 56 days!

hope you guys are all having a GREAT weekend! 


Friday, August 3, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

Yay! Another Week of Fill in the Blank Friday over at The Little Things We do

1.  I am proud of: my husband for service in the army. He's being put through hell and back and has compares his AIT training, and the shit they're experience to prison, yes its that bad. ): Also I am very proud of my daughter, for being such a BIG little girl! She Is so physically advanced, maybe ill and an olympic gymnast! lol

2.   This weekend I will:  work like a slave. fun for me this weekend. Just work. 

3.  A secret dream I have is :  to live happily ever after with my husband and daughter, and to be damn near the most amazing family ever! To be genuinely happy with each other, and watch our baby girl grow and develop, and teach her to be smart and sweet. I picture a decent size house, fitting our small family, in a comfy little town, where everybody is nice, and crime is low. So I can do this dishes and watch my daughter play in the yard with her friends. (am I weird...yeah probably) lol. I watch to much fucking TV huh! 

4. I can't handle:   Stinky feet! OMFG. GROSS! Seriously, how, why...GO WASH YOU FEET! In fact I need to right now! LMAO

5. The most annoying thing in the entire world is: stupid people. Yeah I cant stand you fucks. You irritate my soul. I know your educated, so why the fuck do you act so stupid! GTFO!  

6. The most relaxing thing in the entire world is: a hot candle lit bubble bath with a good book, followed by a deep tissue massage and then sex....oh shit you asked for relaxing not a fantasy! Taha!! hot rock oily massage. ONE DAY! 

7.  I think everyone should:  SMILE! Its a very beautiful thing and it is uplifting to everybody around you! SO SMILE DAMNIT! 

It's Okay Thursday

Another link up I've stolen from the hookers page, and it SO fits the mood right now.

Its okay....

  • To have big red swollen eyes...I'm a hideous crier
  • To get little to no sleep, beauty is overrated, raggedy is the new sexy.
  • To hate my job. It's just a job, its not my career! I'd like it more if the shit wasn't so shitty, lol.
  • To be somewhat jealous of everybody else's happiness. Beyond envious.
  • To not let your baby cry it out because the crying annoys your SOUL, and makes you a biter bitch at 3am!
  • To still watch the disney channel, fuck off, its like my favorite channel!
  • To be overly infatuated with the olympics, and pissed because you work to damn much and miss half the shit you want to watch!

I love my readers, ALL 7 of you! (:


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Awards & Olympics!

So, I've been given two awards from my lovely hooker mama destiny Over at Rockin' Mama
The first is one she made because she is Le Awesome! I love this bitch! 

My posts are pretty fucking....interesting! lol

Im supposed to give this award to a few people I stalk. But I kind of stalk all the same blogs as WTF! 

The other award I received was the Liebster award! Cool fucking shit!

It means beloved, dearest, and/or favorite!
Le D'awwww! I feel MADD special! Also supposed to pass this along. I need to find my own people to stalk. REAL TALK! 
Thank you 11th toe for these kickass awards! <3 

In Other News, I've been watching the olympics. 

Some upsets, but I fucking LOVE USA! We are so goddamn talented! I mainly watch Gymnastics, Soccer, Diving, and Track. 
Because they are interesting! LOL
Tonight was amazing! 
The womens Gymnastics team took gold! The fucking KICKED ASS tonight! I was sooooo proud of them. Watching them on the beam though was fucking intense. It always scares the shit out of me! 
Also, the mens 4x200 swim team humiliated the rest of the teams! GO USA!

And Missy, A swimmer, Is truly inspiring. 

I cant wait to continue with gymnastics (men & women) all around and single events, as well as the women USA soccer team which plays in the quarter finals soon (I watched the world cup last summer and I could NOT sit still. I totally know how the guys feel when they watch Football! Screaming at the TV and flipping out LOL, I CANT WAIT!) And track. OMG I cant wait for track! 

I'll Leave you with this amazing shot of my gorgeous munchkin, eating her brush!
Don't you just wanna shower her with kisses! 
Can't wait to make more, in like 5 years! LOL