Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Military Stress/Birth Control

Well, damn!

Life, why must you be so damn stressful?

Naw Fuck that.....MILITARY LIFE, why must you be so stressful!

So as you may or may no know, hubby has orders for Fort Carson, Colorado. 

First thing is first, my POS car thats slowly but surely falling apart before my eyes, needs to be replaced. Now my shitty job in which I'm quitting in 2 weeks (Cannot effing wait) does not provide me with the ability to go take out a car loan for a new USED car...problem #1!

So our main concern now is how are we going to get a car to get to our new duty station, and also how are we going to get another car for hubby when we get there. I was however informed about some program through the military that will help him with a car loan, while we go through a bank for my car loan. This shit is just too much!

The next big issue...Where the hell are we going to live in Colorado! I of course am dying to live on base! Why because that shits free, and this is our first time in this situation. DUH were not veterans! PSHHH!!! Hubby has said that the wait list is a year long, but my veteran homie has told me because he is married with a small baby, FUCK that wait list...they will find us housing. And I mean...They should. The hell. LOL so...Thats that! BOO!

These two things have been stressing me the most the past week. This move is only a month away. And NO...I haven't even lifted a finger in beginning to pack. I HATE PACKING!

This will be my....4th move in a little under 2 years. So you can understand WHY I hate it! And this move is WAY bigger then the other 3! Sigh...Shoot me now!


Today was also the day I started my new Birth Control. To much info...I dont give a damn!
I decided, (since im still sort of mainly breast feeding, my hooters HATE ME) that because I absolutely fail at taking pills, and refuse to get the depo shot (hi im already over weight lets not add to the blubber!) and the morena scares the fuck shit damn outta go ahead with the implanon. 3 years of pill/nuvaring/and any other BC free won my heart. And I chose it because 3 years is the minimum I want to wait for another baby. Once me and hubby figure our shit out and are stable, etc, we can try for another, but for now, were happy with one! 
So I have this matchstick long rod in my arm...chillen....keeping me from getting pregnant. creepy huh. Yeah I think so. I can feel it too. Its weird. LOL. 

This hump day has been long. And no humping is taking place so BOOOO! lol

P.S. Im still trying to figure out where I'm going with my blog. Everytime I think of some amazing thing I can blog about...Im no where near a computer! Then by the time im sitting in front of the screen my brain is BLANK!
Im going to start carying a notebook around for special blogging thoughts (:



  1. I hope you called the day you found out his orders to be put on the waiting list for housing!?

    and you shouldn't have done the arm thing. It's just all around the worst possible method...should have just done the IUD

  2. Thanks so much for stopping over at my blog! Glad you got the housing; it must be a pain to pack and unpack so many times!

  3. Moving sucks! And about the blog: I agree! Sometimes I have the most random ideas to write up, but then when it comes time to type it out, I forget it all and have a blank page! Grrr.

    Also: I've given you the "Liebster Blog Award." Come by my blog to check it out!