Monday, August 27, 2012

Jazelle Made Me $$$

So today was HECTIC!

I cleaned, and threw out clothes, went grocery shopping, and used 7 WIC coupon for this month...

I'm EXHAUSTED...Buttt.....

While I was out grocery shopping, this old man with his son or grandson, was highly fascinated with my daughter (how could you not be, she's a DOLL) He was petting her forehead, and gently squeezed her little toe, at first I was like WTF are you kidding me, but then I was like..He's harmless. He continued on about how pretty and precious she was, then went into how expensive the grocery store was. I was like ummmm....OKAY! So me and my friend continued on shopping and about 10 minutes later, the guy comes back up to us, and is like...

"She is so gorgeous, and they grow so fast, so...Heres $40 get something for her. "

Now imagine the look on my face....O_o

LOL, I attempted to turn it down, thinking is this even OKAY? Can I take money from a stranger because my daughter is cute...Like thats not normal! LOL

He would NOT let me turn it down! The hell! So I accepted and thanked him, then....he hugged me, AWKWARD!!!

SO because the $40 was for her, and because we have only a few Diapers left, and don't get paid till friday....(and no she wont make it till then as much as she poops)  I bought a box of 144 diapers, and a bag of 36!! 

I'm still just fucked in the head over what happened, NEVER in my life would I have ever thought up something like this happening to me.! CRAZY!

Then...She cried for an entire hour while we checked out, bagged, unloaded, and put away groceries. 

Sigh...Long night! 

Hope you all had a fabulous Monday! 



  1. Hello :)

    Stopping by from the GFC blog hop today! Hope you are haveing a great week so far.

    Smooches from Germany,
    Anni //

  2. That's amazing. Imagine someone just giving you money like that. Such a shame you have to be on guard in case it's dodgy (sign of the times I guess).


  3. what a great story, and such a sweet man!

  4. My daughter has a 7 month old little girl and this kind of stuff happens to her (not the money part)when she she goes out. It's usually older men that talk to her and want to touch the baby--it totally creeps her out. However, if someone gave her $40 out of the kindness of their heart--she would definitely take it and use it the same way you did! Found your blog through the GFC blog hop. I am now following you via GFC. I would be very grateful if you could visit my site and follow me the same way! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Is that considered child labor?? I tend to be on the optimistic side, so I'd definitely say take it. One of my little sisters was the prettiest baby I've ever seen (I'm really biased towards her, nothing against any other cute babies!0 but when she was an infant, and old man walked up out of the blue and gave my Mom a quarter for my 1 month old sister saying that he wanted to start out her piggy bank! Not nearly as good as $40...but maybe this is just something old men do sometimes!

  6. Newest follower from the GFC link up party today! What a great blog so excited to have found you!!
    Follow back if ya get a chance :)