Thursday, August 16, 2012

Its Okay Thursday


Another FABULOUS Link up for me today! 

Ohhh Thursday, ITS OKAY (:

Its okay....

To stay up wayyyy late, and wake up waayyy early, and tell yourself, tomorrow I'm going to go to bed when my baby does, only to find yourself awake at 2 am bloggin. YEP...

To eat at 2am because your hungry...even thought your trying to get skinny. 

To text in a crappy Asian accent to your friend because you are NOT normal

To stare at your baby like a freaking stalker because she is just so precious when she sleeps

To re-pierce all the piercings you've had for years but forgot about, and suffer the painful consequences.

To text your friend everyday FIRST, just because your are a BITCHING friend (:

To feel like a loser because you just started bloggin in june, and still only have 12 Loyal readers. LOL

To miss your other half, and sometimes cry at night cause its crazy lonely ... Crap I got sappy!

To not want your baby sleeping in the same bed with you cause she sleeps horizontal, leaving you with 1/16 of the bed, and kicks you in the ribs, neck, and face all throughout the night!

To go home from work early because ohhh I dont know its 110 degrees outside, and your standing in it for hours on end...Sick much?

Its okay to clean your house after 9pm...because your kids asleep, and not following you everywhere you go crying because your not holding them. 

To be totally obsessed with having a kickass blog! 



  1. lmao bitch, and you best not be talking about you being first to text me everyday whore bag...

    remember I do have 4 kids that drive me insane, how do I ever find the time to rock balls...i'll never know. lol

    1. 100% about you! But thats why I text you, even when you dont respond, and YES I get butthurt, like this bitch!!! Lucky I dont live closer, I'd be your most ANNOYING friends EVAR!

  2. Well now you have 13 loyal followers! And don't worry sometimes I cry myself to sleep because I miss my husband so much too!

  3. Hahaha, I have a crappy Asian accent too. That's hilarious!

    I wish I could work from home too. I hate getting out in this heat!

    Thanks for linking up :)

  4. so me staying up all night blogging..its awful!

    Have a wonderful day! Stop by and say hello! :)