Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Awards & Olympics!

So, I've been given two awards from my lovely hooker mama destiny Over at Rockin' Mama
The first is one she made because she is Le Awesome! I love this bitch! 

My posts are pretty fucking....interesting! lol

Im supposed to give this award to a few people I stalk. But I kind of stalk all the same blogs as WTF! 

The other award I received was the Liebster award! Cool fucking shit!

It means beloved, dearest, and/or favorite!
Le D'awwww! I feel MADD special! Also supposed to pass this along. I need to find my own people to stalk. REAL TALK! 
Thank you 11th toe for these kickass awards! <3 

In Other News, I've been watching the olympics. 

Some upsets, but I fucking LOVE USA! We are so goddamn talented! I mainly watch Gymnastics, Soccer, Diving, and Track. 
Because they are interesting! LOL
Tonight was amazing! 
The womens Gymnastics team took gold! The fucking KICKED ASS tonight! I was sooooo proud of them. Watching them on the beam though was fucking intense. It always scares the shit out of me! 
Also, the mens 4x200 swim team humiliated the rest of the teams! GO USA!

And Missy, A swimmer, Is truly inspiring. 

I cant wait to continue with gymnastics (men & women) all around and single events, as well as the women USA soccer team which plays in the quarter finals soon (I watched the world cup last summer and I could NOT sit still. I totally know how the guys feel when they watch Football! Screaming at the TV and flipping out LOL, I CANT WAIT!) And track. OMG I cant wait for track! 

I'll Leave you with this amazing shot of my gorgeous munchkin, eating her brush!
Don't you just wanna shower her with kisses! 
Can't wait to make more, in like 5 years! LOL



  1. She is gorgeous!!! Look at her wee Zebra print leggings. Och, too damn cute.

    1. Lol. she is very tiny. the perks of a little daddy. don't want her to be a brute like her mama lol.