Friday, August 3, 2012

It's Okay Thursday

Another link up I've stolen from the hookers page, and it SO fits the mood right now.

Its okay....

  • To have big red swollen eyes...I'm a hideous crier
  • To get little to no sleep, beauty is overrated, raggedy is the new sexy.
  • To hate my job. It's just a job, its not my career! I'd like it more if the shit wasn't so shitty, lol.
  • To be somewhat jealous of everybody else's happiness. Beyond envious.
  • To not let your baby cry it out because the crying annoys your SOUL, and makes you a biter bitch at 3am!
  • To still watch the disney channel, fuck off, its like my favorite channel!
  • To be overly infatuated with the olympics, and pissed because you work to damn much and miss half the shit you want to watch!

I love my readers, ALL 7 of you! (:



  1. OMG LOL I am such an ugly crier! Its ok though. I hate my job too...

  2. Lol cute criers are fake!! pshhhh, if theres no snot its not real. lol.