Sunday, August 26, 2012


Hello Beautiful Sunday! 

So I've decided, I need to stop being a lazy whore, And get my ass in gear! 

Seriously, for the past two years, I've just let myself GO! 

From getting pregnant, to having my gorgeous daughter and getting minimal sleep, I've kinda been in depressed mode, not giving a flying fuck... eating all the bad foods I know will clog my arteries, and since my husband left 5 months ago for basic training and AIT, I seriously have cooked maybe 7-10 homemade meals, like real ones. Not oven pizza type shit. So...Today is the day, I turn my life around. 

I need to get my baby girl on a semi regular schedule, no more of this, bed time whenever the hell you want nonsense --which ends up being between 1130-130am. 

She needs a normal type schedule so we can go for walks in the morning...Then I can get her to my moms, so I can hit the good ol gym, and get my own jiggly caboooose into shape, cause now my hubbys all sexy and buff, and I'm all flabby and post preggo. EW. I want him to see me and be like FUCK, thats my wife! --He tells me Im gorgeous he loves me for me, but who the hell is he kidding, the jiggly pouch that hangs under my saggy boobs, NOT CUTE. (In the future Ill be getting a boob job, I already know this!) 

I just really need to be more productive...But to be that, I REALLY need more sleep. Staying up till 3am, and then waking up with the baby, just a few hours later, makes me want to do NOTHING all day, but veg out, and be a bum. NO MORE!

Ok well, maybe once a week I'll allow that....SUNDAYS! WEEE!

Im excited to turn my shit around, I just hope I keep to it! But one this is for sure, I NEED TO QUIT SMOKING. Its disgusting, and I've thought that ever since I started. Thankfully, Ive only been smoking for 3 years (mini cigars), and more recently, cigs for about 3 months. So That shit ends today - right after this pack is gone! LOL Dont judge me yo! 

Seriously, theres 34 more days until my hubby comes home, and maybe 40 until we move to Ft Carson Colorado (if all goes as planned) 

The excitement is building each day, come sept 28th, Im going to EXPLODE with excitement and anticipation! I love my Mr! 

Hope your fabulous ladies are having a beautiful weekend! 

And Hello to all my amazing new reader! You guys kick ass! Glad to have ya!!



  1. Awesome!!!! I need to start eating better and getting some exercise - this fanny pack of excess skin and jello-like fat is gross. ANd my hips are a good 2 sizes bigger than they should be. It is just so hard to eat real food when you are wrangling three. Sigh.

  2. Hi there,
    Thank you so much for following along with the first ever ‘Friday Chaos’. Hope you come back again next week.

    I have just reached my first milestone on my blog and I’m hosting a mini give away be sure to stop by and check it out!

    Look forward to seeing you again next week.

    Lotte xoxo