Monday, October 29, 2012

That random post...

Halloween is just around the corner, and since I just moved to a new city....Im not doing anything.
The little one is much to small to be trick-or-treating. DAMN IT, no free candy for this mama! 
I did, however, buy her a costume, so I can take pictures for her first halloween. (: 
Awesome mom, I know! 

The roller coaster of LIFE, is a bitch, and honestly want to fuck it it in the eye as payback for well shit, my life. LOL.

I have good days, and bad days, today is a better day, yesterday was a BAD day, and when they're bad, it's like I become a zombie, and cut the world off. 

It's not healthy, I need help, Im just to scared to reach out for it. Professional help, possibly meds. /: 

Im not adjusting well to the new change in the new city, my fears get the best of me, EVERY FUCKING TIME....Man...I just don't know. 

Trying to make myself better one day at a time I guess. 

Welp, I leave you with pictures of my little love, and all her crazy wild cuteness! And myself ofcourse! (:

 Yep...The actually knocked out crunchy and juice in hand.

 Always have extra pacis. 
 shes over run my ipod. I miss my ipod lol. 
 Empty cup, dont care. 
 Just being cute. 
My favoritest picture ever! Such a sweet innocent face! 
In hubbys flic. because I think its hella gangster! LOL
 Battle Rattle. Yep he dressed me, said the flic was lame. Fuck that lol.
 Pink Lips & a duck face! 
Cuddle Sesh with the little <3 

Well Its a another week lies ahead, hope its wonderful....

For all on the east coast hit but sandy, I hope you're safe, and everyone is in my prayers, yes I do that! (:


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Duck Face Tuesday!

Because I am simply amazing, 
I began to duck face all my photos, 
why because I'm awesome. Shit.!
Destiny over at Rockin Mama got all super jealous, 
and declared a Duck Face war. 
She's losing.
 taha! I miss her face though! 
 Winter Army Gear. 
 My Winter Coat. FUCK YOU, it's a mans coat. AND IM PROUD! 
FUCK Im sexy! LOL 
Zebra Zit Cover UPPER...aka...Bandaid! JUDGE ME!

Ohhhh The DUCK FACERY! lol

The past month has been just a bunch of crazy. We're in an apt that are way to damn far away from post, and hubbys sergeant was like, THE FUCK, you cant afford that, move on post. I'll get you the nice housing. WAMP. So we may possibly be moving AGAIN within the next few weeks, if hubby figures it out. If not, BOOM, we have a long 11 months in this apt ahead of us. Not gonna lie, Ill miss the shit out of this apt, because its le magnificent, and the view is BOMB.COM! But living on post means I could see my hubby more and we could save more money! Le sighhhhhhh!

Well my lovies. Hope your having a FAB start to the week! Make it AWESOME! (:


Friday, October 12, 2012

My Life Rocks (IG style babyeee)

So many wonderful IG pics this past week. I MUST SHARE! <3

1. Baby Girl rockin a hoodie and sunglasses at Fort Carson
2. The amazing sunset from my balcony. BE JEALOUS! 
3. My hair breakage its hideous!
4. Wearing hubbies winter army gear. LIKE A BOSS! lol
5. No Make-up, Lip Gloss, DUCK FACE! 
6. Amazing sunrise in Denver Co, Sad as shit morning tho!
7. Little baby girl watching TV trying to eat her toes?? lol
8. Gorgeous day in Colo Springs. BALCONY VIEW!
9. Ohhh Hello Lion, whats good bro?
10. I appear to have looked like lunch.  
11. Up close and personal with the giraffes
12. The baby giraffe, OMG I love him, I want one! NOW!
13. Too slow, wants hair!

Hope you awesome hookers are having a fab week!!
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Thursday, October 11, 2012

We've Moved!

It's been one of the craziest weeks in awhile! 
I'm finally in Colorado!
We have a amazing apartment with an amazing view. You should be jealous! :P
We have none of our belongings yet. They should be bringing them on the 14th in the morning! 
This blow up beds are shitty as fuck! My neck hurts so bad from it!
Sunday is also hubbys 22nd Birthday. Not sure if he wants to do anything yet. But we'll have a BED so we can have that amazing BITHDAY SEX! lmao. WIN!
We do live like 20 miles form the base, which on a good day takes 20 minutes. Its a shitty long drive at 5am, with a baby. Didnt really think that one through! SMH! Oh well. Were in a awesome area thats pretty safe, (so they say) haha!
I am SO beyond exhausted. So thats the update for now! 

Love Love Love you hookers!


Its Okay Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

Ohhh boy, after my longass couple weeks, I'm way over due!

Its ok...

To take like 5, 2 minute naps while your baby is playing. 
To drive 20 miles to pick up your husband after just driving 20 miles from dropping him off. FML.
To hate colorado springs elevation, these stairs are going to kill me!
To keep telling yourself your gonna work out...but have yet to get to the rec center. 
To cry because your shitty emotional for no fucking reason.
To get upset because well shit, I want things too!
To get like 15 hours of sleep in 4-5 days. WHOOO....
To doze off while driving....NO NO thats NOT OKAY! LOL
To straighten your hair, then look at yourself in the mirror and go....that shits not straight....then walk away like FUCK IT, its hot! lol?
To kiss your hubby in random places at random times!
To stare at the view from my balcony and just be in love.!

Alright lovies! Hope you all are having a fucking kickass week! 
Whats your its okays??


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Reunited and it feels so good!

Papas Homecoming. 
Awesome seeing that face again, and somehow....
we're the same height in the pic. 

It was amazing getting to see him after 4 months, and sleep next to him after 6 months!

We were DEAD ASS tired. Friday was a LONG FUCKING day! But it was worth it!

He was only home a complete 4 days...BOOO, and we took him to the airport yesterday, because he had to report to colorado today. TOTAL BUMMER.

Yesterday....The packers came and packed our shit. 
It was COMPLETE AWESOMENESS....cause I did NOTHING but watch!
Did you know they make boxes for beds. TAHA, news to me!
I could so get used to other people packing my shit! 

Today, the movers come. 
They'll come and steal my shit, and take it to Colorado. WIN!

Then I leave this shit hole called Fresno, and I'm off to the beautiful Colorado early friday morning. CANT WAIT!

Not gonna lie, Imma miss the shit out of CALI, and my few friends that I have here, but fuck it, I'm off to bigger and better things. 

It's time for another chapter to start in my life, so BRING IT.

P.S. If you read my last post i was ranting n raving about stress and my daughter and an apartment. sooo UPDATE: We have an apartment ready, move in dates the 6th. Looked gorgeous on the website LOL...My mom will be driving out there with me, therefore, my tiny gets to come along with us! YAY! Now I don't have to leave my booger behind! and She will be there for daddys 22nd Birthday. Yes, my hubby is young. SUCK IT! <3 On the other hand...we wont have SHIT in our apartment till like the 15. LOL. I dont even care. I just hope they'll loan us a bed and some eating utensils. IJS! ahaha!

Hope you hookers are having a great week so far.!