Monday, October 29, 2012

That random post...

Halloween is just around the corner, and since I just moved to a new city....Im not doing anything.
The little one is much to small to be trick-or-treating. DAMN IT, no free candy for this mama! 
I did, however, buy her a costume, so I can take pictures for her first halloween. (: 
Awesome mom, I know! 

The roller coaster of LIFE, is a bitch, and honestly want to fuck it it in the eye as payback for well shit, my life. LOL.

I have good days, and bad days, today is a better day, yesterday was a BAD day, and when they're bad, it's like I become a zombie, and cut the world off. 

It's not healthy, I need help, Im just to scared to reach out for it. Professional help, possibly meds. /: 

Im not adjusting well to the new change in the new city, my fears get the best of me, EVERY FUCKING TIME....Man...I just don't know. 

Trying to make myself better one day at a time I guess. 

Welp, I leave you with pictures of my little love, and all her crazy wild cuteness! And myself ofcourse! (:

 Yep...The actually knocked out crunchy and juice in hand.

 Always have extra pacis. 
 shes over run my ipod. I miss my ipod lol. 
 Empty cup, dont care. 
 Just being cute. 
My favoritest picture ever! Such a sweet innocent face! 
In hubbys flic. because I think its hella gangster! LOL
 Battle Rattle. Yep he dressed me, said the flic was lame. Fuck that lol.
 Pink Lips & a duck face! 
Cuddle Sesh with the little <3 

Well Its a another week lies ahead, hope its wonderful....

For all on the east coast hit but sandy, I hope you're safe, and everyone is in my prayers, yes I do that! (:


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