Friday, January 25, 2013

ERmaGerdd I have a 1 year old!

2 weeks ago my mini me turned 1! 
See how amazing I am at updating! lol

I'd Write some super amazing sappy post for her...but Im seriously to fucking lazy to do that shit. So I'll put up a few pictures, and let you ooh an ahhh over how le gorgeous her tiny butt is!




Okay...enough Ohh's and Ahh's lol

We had a blast with family. A small sort of thing. No real theme. Like I said, SETBACKS, So I couldnt give her the huge and amazing birthday with a million little kids running around party she deserves...

Probably NOT a bad thing though.... 

Was perfect for us. 

Hope you enjoyed this amazing post, because anything with my mini me in it is AMAZING! (:


Thursday, January 10, 2013

What, An Update??

Well, Shit fuckers....

It's been awhile since I've blogged. I could possibly be the shittiest blogger on earth.

Or possibly Im the most uninteresting person on this planet....

But Ill go with the first option. :p

Life in Paradise, isn't what I'd call paradise.

I feel isolated and alone up here in northern cali. But I'll live. At least I have some family out here, not that I see much of them, besides my mum n pa who I live with. YES I SAID MUM AND PA, because ITS FUCKING LEGIT! lol.

Don't judge me for living with my folks at 26. Most would think I was complete LOSER for this, but fuck those who think that. Shit happens in life, set backs fucking happen. So for now, I'm here and they are supporting me till I figure my fucking life out.

Im looking for work, because I'm no lazy bitch. I may be working at KRISPY KREMES, on some boss shit, And in the future, I do plan to head on back to school, to get my masters/PhD In physical therapy. Yup I said it!

PhD bitches! Its gonna take a long as time to get that degree, but I have a strong interest in it, and It'd help support my family.

My current situation with the hubs, is well...Shit IDFK. If I did I'd tell ya. I love that man with all my insides and outsides, but Im in california for a reason. Hopefully that shit will work itself out, and I'll be back in Colorado, living the life I dreamed of with my WHOLE family. But Imma let shit run the course it's supposed to for now. God has a plan for me. (:


This shit is long as fuck. But I got a collage of pictures for you hookers.

1. Christmas Karaoke. 
2. Way to much fun at the park!
3. Dressed to impress. Going to Visit Santa!
4,5,8. First snow in Colorado. (:
6. 11 month Picture! Playground.
7. Christmas, With her cool new pink truck!
9. Trying to unwrap presents under our christmas tree. 
10. A beautiful Little Princess on Christmas. 

Welp There's my extravagant Update! I'll be back Friday for my tiny ones 1st Birthday! (:


Long Over Due - It's Okay Thursday

It's been way to long since I've shared what's okay in my life. 
So here GOES...

Its OKAY....

...To sit around all day in sweats like the bum that I am
...To not make new years resolutions, cause I make goals all throughout the year
...To have mixed up feelings cause your life is shit
...To chop off half of your hair and run around singing Alicia Keys-Brand New Me
...To wake up at 10am, because you and your baby are sick, and she doesn't go to sleep till 12am now
...To not talk to your friends much anymore cause they just don't get your personal drama
...To tell yourself everyday your going to start working out, only to sit on the couch veggin out 

And finally...

...Its okay to Be yourself, A brand new kind of you. (:

Missed you hookers!