Thursday, January 10, 2013

What, An Update??

Well, Shit fuckers....

It's been awhile since I've blogged. I could possibly be the shittiest blogger on earth.

Or possibly Im the most uninteresting person on this planet....

But Ill go with the first option. :p

Life in Paradise, isn't what I'd call paradise.

I feel isolated and alone up here in northern cali. But I'll live. At least I have some family out here, not that I see much of them, besides my mum n pa who I live with. YES I SAID MUM AND PA, because ITS FUCKING LEGIT! lol.

Don't judge me for living with my folks at 26. Most would think I was complete LOSER for this, but fuck those who think that. Shit happens in life, set backs fucking happen. So for now, I'm here and they are supporting me till I figure my fucking life out.

Im looking for work, because I'm no lazy bitch. I may be working at KRISPY KREMES, on some boss shit, And in the future, I do plan to head on back to school, to get my masters/PhD In physical therapy. Yup I said it!

PhD bitches! Its gonna take a long as time to get that degree, but I have a strong interest in it, and It'd help support my family.

My current situation with the hubs, is well...Shit IDFK. If I did I'd tell ya. I love that man with all my insides and outsides, but Im in california for a reason. Hopefully that shit will work itself out, and I'll be back in Colorado, living the life I dreamed of with my WHOLE family. But Imma let shit run the course it's supposed to for now. God has a plan for me. (:


This shit is long as fuck. But I got a collage of pictures for you hookers.

1. Christmas Karaoke. 
2. Way to much fun at the park!
3. Dressed to impress. Going to Visit Santa!
4,5,8. First snow in Colorado. (:
6. 11 month Picture! Playground.
7. Christmas, With her cool new pink truck!
9. Trying to unwrap presents under our christmas tree. 
10. A beautiful Little Princess on Christmas. 

Welp There's my extravagant Update! I'll be back Friday for my tiny ones 1st Birthday! (:


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