Friday, January 25, 2013

ERmaGerdd I have a 1 year old!

2 weeks ago my mini me turned 1! 
See how amazing I am at updating! lol

I'd Write some super amazing sappy post for her...but Im seriously to fucking lazy to do that shit. So I'll put up a few pictures, and let you ooh an ahhh over how le gorgeous her tiny butt is!




Okay...enough Ohh's and Ahh's lol

We had a blast with family. A small sort of thing. No real theme. Like I said, SETBACKS, So I couldnt give her the huge and amazing birthday with a million little kids running around party she deserves...

Probably NOT a bad thing though.... 

Was perfect for us. 

Hope you enjoyed this amazing post, because anything with my mini me in it is AMAZING! (:


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  1. sometimes its the little moments that count the most! she looks like she had a blast, luv the cake photos someone got messy!!