Thursday, January 10, 2013

Long Over Due - It's Okay Thursday

It's been way to long since I've shared what's okay in my life. 
So here GOES...

Its OKAY....

...To sit around all day in sweats like the bum that I am
...To not make new years resolutions, cause I make goals all throughout the year
...To have mixed up feelings cause your life is shit
...To chop off half of your hair and run around singing Alicia Keys-Brand New Me
...To wake up at 10am, because you and your baby are sick, and she doesn't go to sleep till 12am now
...To not talk to your friends much anymore cause they just don't get your personal drama
...To tell yourself everyday your going to start working out, only to sit on the couch veggin out 

And finally...

...Its okay to Be yourself, A brand new kind of you. (:

Missed you hookers!


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