Saturday, June 14, 2014

Please Help Me and My Daughter.


As most of you know, I moved back to Colorado in January. Used every last penny I had to make this move possible, I wanted my daughter to have her dad. I dreamed of a family for us.

I had to learn the hard way,
That what this is, isn't love.
What this is, isn't a family.

So I had to make the toughest decision of my life, and that is to walk away from my marriage. I put not only my heart on the line, but my daughters as well. No body expects to have their life come crashing down, their marriage to fall apart, and to be hundreds of miles from their safe place.

I sit here in tears as I type, because I always like to think I am a tough chick, and I can handle anything, I can deal with anything, and then....I look into my tiny daughters eyes, and BREAK because SHE deserves so much more, and I feel like I am failing her. And I believe that feeling, is worse then having some guy break your heart.

With all this said,

I need help. I'm states away from my family back in California, and people who give us unconditional love and support. I am scared, and very much alone, just me and my daughter. I NEED HELP TO GET HOME! I need help with a truck, gas money, and hotel money for my daughter and I. We need to leave, and we need to go fast. The longer we are here, the more depressed I become, and It becomes so much harder to be a mother, when you don't want her to see you cry, and hurt.

Its so hard for me to ask for help, I hate to do it, but this is for my daughter and I and I have to put my pride aside for once, Below is a link for donations to help my daughter and I get away from a bad negative unhappy life, and on the road to a better, loving, and happy life. Any little bit helps.

Thank you everyone for supporting me in my decisions, and the amazing amount of strength and encouragement you have given me.


Friday, May 9, 2014

Colorado Livin'

What up? What up? What up?

Yeah so it took awhile to settle back in here in Colorado. 
Moved back to be with the hubsters. 

Its still a roller coaster, But we are working on it. 

I wasn't able to get back on my Fitness grind right away either. 

However, I did get back on my grind. Its a lot harder out here then back in cali. 
Im a full time mom, hubby works ALOT, so my time is limited. 

Got me a jogging stroller so that I could go running at least. 
(Makes running even harder cause its heavy!)
Plus the hills and elevation. 

I do what I can with what I have. 

Its a struggle out here, but I am slowly figuring it out. 

Gotta do more editing to this blog, as I am now a WRAPSTAR.
More to come Later


Friday, January 24, 2014

P.S. Name Change

As SOON as I fall in love with a new blog name, I will rename this one. (:

The Failure Blogger ---OoPsiE

Sorry folks, those who give a damn anyways....

I've had a rough year. 
If it wasnt one thing, It was another. 
Hopefully this time I will stick around a bit. 
However, I am moving once again...
After my move is completed, and Im settled, 

Let the fitness bloggin begin, my trials and tribulation are what I hope to make this blog into. 

I began my health and fitness journey back in feb 2013, I was highly depressed and stressed. The process kicked my ass, on top of "single" motherhood and work, I don't really know how I did it. I continued to bust ass until Aug when all hell broke loose. I had to put everything on hold because life got in the way, however, I have kept 97% of the weight off. I am proud to say I went from a size 17, to a size 10. I haven't been a size 10 in god knows how long. 

Left: April 2012 -- Right: Jan 2014

As this chapter in my life comes to an end here in sunny california, another begins back out in colorado with my husband. 

The journey begins Monday....

I couldn't happier to get this fitness show on the road. Watch out high elevation, and dry skin, this bitch is on a mission, and nothing or no one will get in my way!