Friday, May 9, 2014

Colorado Livin'

What up? What up? What up?

Yeah so it took awhile to settle back in here in Colorado. 
Moved back to be with the hubsters. 

Its still a roller coaster, But we are working on it. 

I wasn't able to get back on my Fitness grind right away either. 

However, I did get back on my grind. Its a lot harder out here then back in cali. 
Im a full time mom, hubby works ALOT, so my time is limited. 

Got me a jogging stroller so that I could go running at least. 
(Makes running even harder cause its heavy!)
Plus the hills and elevation. 

I do what I can with what I have. 

Its a struggle out here, but I am slowly figuring it out. 

Gotta do more editing to this blog, as I am now a WRAPSTAR.
More to come Later