Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Duck Face Tuesday!

Because I am simply amazing, 
I began to duck face all my photos, 
why because I'm awesome. Shit.!
Destiny over at Rockin Mama got all super jealous, 
and declared a Duck Face war. 
She's losing.
 taha! I miss her face though! 
 Winter Army Gear. 
 My Winter Coat. FUCK YOU, it's a mans coat. AND IM PROUD! 
FUCK Im sexy! LOL 
Zebra Zit Cover UPPER...aka...Bandaid! JUDGE ME!

Ohhhh The DUCK FACERY! lol

The past month has been just a bunch of crazy. We're in an apt that are way to damn far away from post, and hubbys sergeant was like, THE FUCK, you cant afford that, move on post. I'll get you the nice housing. WAMP. So we may possibly be moving AGAIN within the next few weeks, if hubby figures it out. If not, BOOM, we have a long 11 months in this apt ahead of us. Not gonna lie, Ill miss the shit out of this apt, because its le magnificent, and the view is BOMB.COM! But living on post means I could see my hubby more and we could save more money! Le sighhhhhhh!

Well my lovies. Hope your having a FAB start to the week! Make it AWESOME! (:


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  1. duck face tuesday...can we change that to dick face tuesday LOL