Thursday, October 11, 2012

Its Okay Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

Ohhh boy, after my longass couple weeks, I'm way over due!

Its ok...

To take like 5, 2 minute naps while your baby is playing. 
To drive 20 miles to pick up your husband after just driving 20 miles from dropping him off. FML.
To hate colorado springs elevation, these stairs are going to kill me!
To keep telling yourself your gonna work out...but have yet to get to the rec center. 
To cry because your shitty emotional for no fucking reason.
To get upset because well shit, I want things too!
To get like 15 hours of sleep in 4-5 days. WHOOO....
To doze off while driving....NO NO thats NOT OKAY! LOL
To straighten your hair, then look at yourself in the mirror and go....that shits not straight....then walk away like FUCK IT, its hot! lol?
To kiss your hubby in random places at random times!
To stare at the view from my balcony and just be in love.!

Alright lovies! Hope you all are having a fucking kickass week! 
Whats your its okays??



  1. Hi! ...found your blog in the link up!

    I am totally with you on the working out thing. I swear I have been saving I'm going to the gym for the last week, still havent made it! LOL but its ok.. right?!

  2. you don't need a fucking rec center! stop making excuses and go for a walk!