Monday, August 13, 2012

Shit I Hate Sunday -- for the win

Check out this fancy hawt link up that I love oh so much!
Rockin' Mama
Shit I hate---Fresno. PERIOD! This bitch is hott as fuck. high 111 yesterday! Go kill yourself fresno. You hott as valley
Shit I hate -- Gas prices. The fuck are you rising for. Do we look like were rich bitches? ummm NO! Thanks go back down damn it!

Shit I hate -- biting my lip, then biting the same spot again...and again...FUCK!

Shit I hate -- Money, you can never seem to have just the right amount....

Shit I hate -- Losing touch with friends. I love you people.... :P

Short but hey, Its monday now, and kiss my ass! lol



  1. Following from Mom's Monday Mingle!

    Luv the blog name

    Please come by & say Hello if you haven't already. (And follow back)


    1. Followed! Nice to meet ya! and thanks!

  2. I do the biting thing with my cheek and pisses me the fuck off...hate it so much lol

    1. its like u bite it...and then, its a huge bump that you cant avoid so you continuously bite it, and then i want to hurt someone! lol