Sunday, August 5, 2012


One of my most FAVORITE link ups by my baby mama over at Rockin' Mama


Shit I hate - Fresno drivers. You people fucking suck. How the hell did you get your license! 

Shit I hate - This tiny bump on my tongue that hurts like hell.... yet, I CANNOT stop playing with it. and no you cant see it, yup its one of those lil shits!
Shit I hate - Work. Enough said. 

Shit I hate - Painting my toe nails....which is probably why there hideous right now, nail polish is like on less then half the nail. LOL, Haven't done that shit since early June before I went to see the hubby. SMFH

Shit I hate - The fact that I cant type for shit on my phone or my computer. I mispell the fuck out of everything and there's usually a (.) where a space should be when I type on my phone. FUCK it, the cool ones know WTF Im saying.

Shit I hate - Health insurance, WHY did you send me a bill for 120 bucks for a doctors appt for my stupid eyes that SHOULD be covered, cant wait for that phone call! 

Shit I hate - cooking for one. Left overs anyone???

Shit I hate - brushing my hair, only to see a huge clump in the brush. WHY oh WHy are you falling out hair. I NEED YOU. I do not want to be a baldy. I really do need to take care of myself better. SIGH!

Welll There you have it, this weeks, SHIT I HATE. 

It's sunday...Day 4 of working later on. I want to call in. I can't stand how they treat us sometimes. But I know Ill miss all my boomers buddies when I leave. 56 days!

hope you guys are all having a GREAT weekend! 


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