Wednesday, August 8, 2012




I seriously haven't done a normal update in like forever! I've been SO busy with work, and well just kicking it @ my mommas watching the olympics! (She has no wireless internet-SMH)

I have the next 3 days off (THANK GOD) So I finally get a break!

Me and my husband are doing AMAZING right now. I couldn't be happier. Communication has gotten better, we still disagree financially...hopefully somehow we work that out. /: but besides that, We are PERFECTO! 
I miss him like CRAZY! And still have 53 days till he's home with us! CANNOT WAIT! 

I don't however have ANYTHING new happening in my life. I've been so out of the social networking community the last week, cause I've been so caught up in the olympics. I absolutely ADORE watching them! 

USA womens soccer is playing for the gold this thursday! I seriously want to have a damn party, so I'm not cheering like a crazy fuck all alone in my tiny apt! lol. But I refuse to buy snacks! Soooo, nope not gonna happen! 

I haven't even been working out the past 2 weeks. FUCKING LAZY. FAILURE! SMH! But damn, working as much as I have and being a momma, I've been occupado! So I'm not stressin. Im not gaining weight either, cause I'm starving myself, healthy right...I know. FUCK IT! 

Hopefully I'll have a better post, after I get some well deserved rest! 


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