Friday, November 16, 2012

Bloggie Revamparation!

Happy Friday Hookers!
TGIF right...well not more me. Just another day in the year I need a life.!

I was STUPID bored last night, and decided, I'd give my blog a make over. 
Given that Im still Blogtarded, All I know how to do is change the background and layout/look. 
So thats what I did. 

I chose black roses (which look grey...WAMP) because I am obsessed with Trey Songz song "Black Roses." Im awesome I know... 

Anyways, I'm totally Diggin it, and Imma try to figure out how to create a new banner, and button. 




  1. I really like the look. I love the 3 columns. I am super blog tarded too but I think I should try and change up my other blog too.

  2. I look at other womens blogs, and just feel LAME! But Im far to lazy to sit online all day googling how to do shit on my blog, so i supposed thats my own damn fault. Though....making the banner and button turns out WAY easier then I ever thought It would be! LOL. You totally should.! I see it this way, Since I cant afford to give myself a personal make over, Ill make over the next best thing! My blog! hahaha!