Sunday, November 11, 2012

10 Months Old. Where has the time gone...

Today my little booger is 10 months. 
Im all kinds of sad about it. 
Like in 2 months she'll be 1. 
A freaking toddler. 

Though she already acts like a toddler...minus the back
I get back babble. I love it though!

Im blessed to have this lil wild child running around the apartment though. She is SO SO very busy, but Its amazing watching her learn and grow. 

So amazing, that Im looking forward to more...In a few years LOL. Pregnancy was a bitch. and I HATED IT...

But once I saw that beautiful little face. It was wellllllll worth the drama. haha. 

Im ghetto and BROKE....So I don't pay for photographers, because I am a boss.....So here's shots from her 10 month home photo-shoot. LOL. 

Its thanksgiving theme since of course, November is thanksgiving holiday! (:

Yay!! Happy 10 Months honey! Mommy Loves you so much! MUAH! 

Hope you hookers had a great weekend! 


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