Monday, November 5, 2012

"The Incline" Manitou Springs Co

On Saturday, hubby and I decided to give the all famous "Incline" a go, to test our physical strength. 

Stupidest idea ever!

I haven't done any hardcore fitness in IDK how long. 

My hubby of course, is in the miliary, so his punkass is super fit. 

The "Incline" in Colorado, is a mile high hike (stairs) that begin at the bottom of pikes peak and literally goes STRAIGHT UP! It looks way longer then a mile. 
Se the line in the mountain. Yep thats the hike. Crazy people do it. 

Now given that I am from Fresno ca, and our elevation is either 0 or below zero lol.....climbing a mountain, starting at over 6,000 feet and heading higher, with no prior fitness....STUPID IDEA!

This was quiet possibly the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Including giving birth!
I had an epidural, shit was cake! lol. 

The journey up the mountain was PAINFUL! 
I cried, I yelled, I bitched and complained, I gave up like 23094280 times. 
But my hubby pushed me, WAY PAST my limits. 
I was in no condition to finish the hike. I have bad knees and ankles, a bad back, I'm not used to this elevation and, the icicng on the cake...I'm a smoker. (trying to quit)
This is less then a quarter of the way up....I hate those stairs with a passion....

So I was huffing and puffing, my thighs, quads, and calves were BURNING, I cried like a little bitch, but I dont give a fuck, cause I fought past it all. Even though I was SURE this hike would kill me. Somehow I'm still sitting here breathing. AMAZEBALLS!

After over and hour and a half of struggling, wanting to quit but knowing I couldn't cause there was no way in hell I was climbing back down those things, my hubbys encouragement and drive, and the rest of the hikers tell me to keep going, we finally reached the top!

Holy shitballs, I was done! No more stairs! WHOOOO!!!!
Yes I look a hottass mess, but I was literally crawling up them damn stairs. my legs couldnt do all the work. 

I hadn't planned to reach the top the first time. I knew it would be a huge challenge, and I wasnt prepared. As you can see we took our daughter, no she didn't like the climb, at least not the stopping part. lol i hadnt brought her any food or liquids for the hike, cause like I wasnt planning to finish. It also cooled off like 15 degrees at the top. I freaked out cause she was freezing and hungry and thursty. I did give her as much of my water as I could after we reached the top. Its not like she did any work but still. higher elevation, colder weather. Sigh. So...I am a shitty parent for that. I felt so bad. ):

The hike down, SO MUCH EASIER! There was a trail down.I did almost fall because the loose gravel and semi step decline in some areas....but hey, I FUCKING DID IT!

Hubby had the nerve to ask me yesterday if i was down to hike it again today after he got off work. I loked at hime 13 different kinds of crazy.


Well there you have it. My saturdays accomplishment and endeavor. 



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