Sunday, November 4, 2012

I Love Me Monday OOH SOO MUCH!


This is MY month. I will be 26 this month, Therefore, This is going to be a special I love me Monday! WHOOT!

Duck Face and Cleavage. 4 eyes, Dog Tags, and Make-up

I felt pretty today, I spent some time on myself. 
No It wasn't peaceful, I had my minnie me bitchin' the entire time.
I never get peace. ): 

{My I Love List}

I love...Tickling my baby girl, just to here her silly giggle

I love...My baby girls smile with her two tiny teeth, even during my lowest lows, her smile makes me smile

I love....cold weather, clouds just make me happy. 

I love...Feeling loved. The touches, the kisses, the random compliments, it just feels good. 

I momma. I miss that woman so much, being 3 states away is hard.

I love...good friends. ones that will listen to me bawl my eyes out over the phone, and try to calm me, even if it doesn't work, all while remaining supportive. 

I love...being tall, yes i used to hate that shit....but I've embraced the amazon-ness

I love....getting my nails done, I feel so girly, I miss you nails!!

I love....full body massages, seriously need a professional one right about now!

I love...being a mom. Its definitely a challenge, and I don't know what I am doing most of the time, and im constantly failing, and getting frustrated, but it is definitely fullfilling and gives meaning to my life. 

I love....that I will get to see another year of life on the 28th. Blessed to have made it this far, and I hope to see many many more. 

and finally....

I love....My family. They are my world. We struggle, we fight, we kiss and make-up. Marriage and a daughter aren't easier, but its the journey/climb that make it worthwhile. (:

Well there you have it, my loves for the month of november!
Hope you Love what I had to say!

Have a ass smacking monday bitches! 


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  1. awww, what a great list! I love

    and no more duck face whore bag....we hate that shit remember LOL