Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Oh my my my....

What's up all you awesome hookers?! Have you missed me...probably not! Just RUDE! lol

Its been one crazy weekend and a awesome start to a new week! 

This weekend...What did I do...Oh yes...Friday, this bitch right here rode her bike 4.5 miles to work and 4.5 miles back...and good lord that shit was exhausting! But it felt GREAT!
Saturday...I got up at the ass crack of dawn (7am lol) and dropped my little one off at a friends, while I went and ran some stadium. That seriously kicked ALL of the ass that I have! OMG! I could have died! I only ran them for approx...10 minutes, but it was a total of 13. I did however only job up the steps and walked everything else. I realized I did have to hope a fence afterwords! lol. My legs were NOODLES. On top of that I went to my moms to swim. Yeah My stupid ass decided to swim 10 laps, NOT SMART! Sunday was difficult!
My baby Girl at the sitters on Saturday...If u look closley, you can see the doggi to the left of the picture about to give kisses, hence the silly face! <3

Sunday I was sore as shit! Ugh! But I still managed rearrange the living room because guess what, my 6 month old is a avid crawler! LOL. So being the genius mommy that I am I made all kinds of room for her to crawl! I also SUPER cleaned my apt. I have to start making it baby safe in the next few weeks! It's that serious! So Sunday was a semi relaxxing day. That night was the candlight vigil for my former boss phil. I am really glad that I went. It brought a sense of closure to him being gone, but he will never be GONE, only phsyically. Spriritually he is still here, and I will always ahve the most amazing memories of this man! I am blessed to have known him! 

Then The week started and I had Monday off as well (3 days in a row WHAAAAAAT!) So I layed around and hung out and took another day off from exersize. I really was struggling to walk! Since my little pumkin is a big girl now, (she pulls herself up) I played on the floor with her and she crawled all over me! I swear she is toooo damn cute! This was how we spent our monday! 

 Full tummy = Happy Baby <3
 Kisses from mommy! 
 So proud of my girl! She loves being mobile! 
 Hey Mommy Look at me! I can stand! D'aawwww! 
 Damn She is so Pretty! Im gonna have problems. Sigh..Papa wheres ur gun! lol
 I love these two pics (above and below) 
 Helping mama read! 
It was an amazing day hanging with my little! I love her being able to get around. She seriously makes my world complete! I could not be more blessed!

Tuesday was an okay day. Baby girl had her 6 month check-up. You know what that means...SHOTS! Ahhhh! I didn't laugh at her this time. I just cuddled her. She's more aware now, so I feel way worse then the last two sets of shots she's gotten. She's still so damn cute when she cries! But she did well. 
She is my little big girl! My amazing doctor said that she is very advanced in her motor skills. NO SHIT, she's gone from rocking, to sitting up, to crawling, to pulling herself up in 2 weeks. YA THINK doc...ya think!! lol. I was informed she will be walking before I know it. She's 2 feet tall. I am 5'10. Are you shitting me! Hello fucked up back, how are you today.! Sigh...Im so in for it! I assume by the time she is reunite with papa...She WILL be walking, and we will be surprised! 

I also had work today, nothing special
After work I did hit up the gym. Ohhweeee! That was some shit right there. 
Honestly...for not having done crap in the past year...doing this on the elliptical was pretty fucking amazing! I completed the 2 miles in 23:26. My goal was to beat 24 minutes. SUCCESS! I feel good about it! Very proud of myself. I must keep this up. Next is to bump smoking. I hate it, IDK why I do it, but I need to QUIT that shit!  Sighh...

I also went crazzzyyyy making bows! I decided to keep my bows simple cause i just SUCK at the boutique bows, and loopy surround bows! lol. But these are pretty fucking awesome I if I may say so myself! LOL

Also today I got some sad news about one of my mamas! Most of you know her. And since she hasn't blogged about it I'm not going to put her business out there. But I just want her to know, I'm here for her through all her trials and tribulations! Your a strong bitch, and I'm proud of you for all you've accomplished in this past week, and imma be right here by your side through this next chapter in your life and forever after. Your stuck with me bitch! Deal with it! 

It's been a long today...and it's past my bed time! Hope all you hookers are well! I've missed you! Now get me some stalkers, I feel naked with only 6! LOL.



  1. Your little one is to die for! FREAKING ADORABLE! Good for you, working it out like you been doing. I think you just pushed me to go to the high school near our apartment to run some stadium stairs.
    Your bows are looking great!!!
    That was some crazy news :( But she IS a strong bitch.

    1. Hahaha. thanks. I didn't even know she blogged about it till after I posted it. my phone is slacking. but yes she is a strong Bitch with tons of support! Gah, I only do stadiums so I can get my butt back. lol. I miss my butt, it used to ne so perky. Lol. but you should. exercis.feels.aoooooo good! Hope I can keep it up. And yeah the bows.ha....I have simple. I suck at all other bows! I types this on my phone. so its mispelled ad has (.) Where spaces are supposed to be. I also misspelled crqp in the blog. lol. pure talent!