Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy Belated 6 months Jazelle

Holy Shit, My baby is a half year old. OMG, seriously where did the time gooo! 
This Little blessing joined the world and my family... 
January 11, 2012. 
She's been nothing but a joy to have around, from her precious smile, to her hilarious crying. She Is my beautiful little angel, and I am so blessed and proud to call her my daughter.
 Mommy and Daddy Love you Tiny <3

Life is happening before my eyes. And I'm missing out on it I guess. BOO! Yesterday we received the play pen, I was totally psyched! She loves it! I also received my new HTC Amaze celly. Its cool I guess, there's not much of a difference between this phone and my old HTC Sensation. But I liked being showered in little gifts then weren't free! HA! Ive been working since tuesday, and Im not done till tomorrow. Its still hotter then zebras cooter out. Im hoping my mom was being serious about a trip to the coast this weekend. That would make my week. 

Update on Love: I don't really know what's going on in my own relationship. We haven't talked since tuesday, and that convo was pretty shitty.  So our last amazing convo dates all the way back to sunday. Boy do I miss that convo! I don't understand nothing bout love anymore, I know what I feel. Thats about it. but meh. I will forever be his girl, as long as he'll have me. (: 



  1. You're wee lassies is gorgeous! and so teeny weeny tiny

  2. She is just too cute! And look at that bow! :-)
    Sorry about your love...I went through that once before...its not fun. Chin up love!

  3. Thank ladies! She grows more n more beautiful to me everyday! I need to prepare for problems in the future! lol! Crazy to imagine something so precious, becoming a little punk when she grows up (speaking from when i was a kid LOL)