Friday, July 27, 2012

I confess....

OKAY, So I decided to do another link up. It's a simple way for ya'll awesome mamas to learn more about me, with out me doing crazy psychotic shit like venting, or getting SUPER sappy! 

Hope you like!

Our Dandelion Wishes

I confess: I love the idea of cleaning, but don't actually enjoy cleaning...wish I was rich and could afford a maid.

I confess: I don't generally feel like I spend enough quality time with my daughter. I constantly check my FB, Blog, Instagram, Tumblr, Texts, and games on my phone. I wonder if she notices. I could be playing with her, reading to her, talking to her, singing and dancing with her. Sigh...

I confess: I am one impatient person. When I first started my daughter on solids and it took forever, I was like WTF! I didn't realize how time consuming it would be! I guess I'll learn over time...

I confess: I strongly dislike doctors offices who don't keep your appt. Seriously, I made an appt for 1030am, not 1140am. So when I go to the window to ask why the fuck I've been sitting in the waiting room over an hour and notice the two names with appts after me were called before me, don't question why I have a fucking attitude. If it wasn't for the fact that I love the nurse practitioner I see, I'd be so long gone!

I confess: Im absolutely terrified of the future. I have so many questions and none have answers! Military life. But Just cause Im scared of the change, doesn't mean I don't look forward to it. 

I confess: I have a very low self esteem, I am very self conscious. At one point in my life, You could find me In my bikini rocking my hott bod, Now...I don't even own a swim suit because I'm to embarrassed from my post baby body. I seriously could just cry cause I miss what I used to be. and I don't think my uterus ever went back to its normal size. fucking bullshit! 

I confess: That I am FULL BLOWN HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE with my husband. We're not perfect, we fight, we argue, we laugh, we joke, we kiss, we make up. It;s daily work, but I'm happy to be venturing down this journey called life with him and out little. <3

Alright well, If I continue to confess, I'll have nothing to confess next week! LOL
Hope you hookers enjoy!


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  1. LOL omg your uterus is super size now, just saying. I hope I give you nightmares bitch! lol