Friday, July 27, 2012

Fill In the Blank Friday

I don't do many link ups.... basically cause I don't understand this shit. 
But Im being forced against my will by Destiny over at Rockin Mama to do this one 
because its just sooo "RAD."

She gives many props to lauren @ The Little Things We Do for this link up, so I am gonna give it a go! 

1.  I am young at heart. I always pictured the perfect date as going to the batting cages, then getting ice cream while wearing mix matched knee high socks. I just want to have fun and be carefree. The park is my best friend! 

2.   I have always been in love with soccer. I started playing at age 7, and played through my senior year of high school, but due to some shitty knee and ankle injuries, I never was able to play at the collegiate level. Break my heart, I miss it terribly! 

3.  I hope to have a very strong bond with my daughter as she grows older. I hope that we will be very close, I adore her, and I hope to never disappoint her

4. I can make some pretty fucking amazing bows for having only been doing it for a month! I don't care if they are simple...they rock! And no one has guided me on this adventure either. Only some online tutorials! 

5. I dream of  growing ld with the hubby, and having a happy and fulfilling marriage. Seriously, It fantasize about our future life together, My hopes are high...

6. The way to my heart is  putting the toilet seat down. Fuck, I'll love you forever if you dont let me fall in the fucking toilet! ahahahahahaha, NECK KISSES! 

7.  I am passionate about being a amazing wife and mother. I strive everyday to be better. I want to make both my daughter and my husband proud. I absolutely love our new family, and never want to let anyone down. 

There you have it! I've filled in the blanks~

Enjoy mamas!



  1. Lmao!!! Technically...I'm her 3rd boob, I'm always in the room!