Friday, July 20, 2012

Your standing up, BUT WHY!

Friday we meet again. My last day of work for the week! Although this weekend is going to be very sad. My former bosses funeral is saturday down in LA. I don't think I will be attending. It breaks my heart, but I don't know how I would even react while I'm there. If I go, I'll be a blubbering baby, with snot dripping from my nose, big red puffy eyes and tear stained cheeks. Seriously, I'm just not ready to say good-bye. Will I ever be, NO probably not. It's still not real to me. I can't handle it. GRRR! Sunday night I will be able to pay some kind of respects at his candle light vigil here in town. I'm thankful for that. 

In other news, hubby passed his exam today. I'm so proud of him, He's kicking ASS out there. He also HATES it with a passion! Poor babe! I've been thinking about making some kind of....AIT care package for him. I realize he doesn't need ur typical hygienic items because he can buy them there, and he can't have candy or food in his room, so WHAT THE FUCK am I supposed to put in it. I seriously cannot come up with anything good, I am lacking in the creativity department, but I know it would make him happy if I could come up with something...sigh, the complicated life taha! 

Seriously my kid is like way to damn advanced and I don't think I can be happy about it. Yesterday..Today...No yesterday....She decided, hey Im only 6 months n a week, I guess Ill start pulling myself up and standing. SERIOUSLY CHILD...NO! Stop! She barely got crawling down, In fact she hasn't perfected it, but she sure can get around better. She's done all this in the matter of 2 weeks! From rocking, to crawling, to hanging out on her knees, to now pulling herself up. SHE's just buff! sigh...I just...I cant! She's SO SHORT, if she's walking at 8 months, I'm going to cry! 
She's all super proud and happy. Shoot me now! 

Im having a trip down memory lane...

How was she ever so tiny, and OMG....I freaking LOVE this girl! <33

Another day down, another day closer to being back with my lover. 
Only...70 more days! LOL how ugly! 


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