Monday, July 30, 2012

I made a new friend today

My day was pretty BLAH. Absolutely NOTHING interesting happened. 
Im SUPER EXCITED to watch the olympics on the other hand. 
My favorite things to watch are Soccer (My #1) Gymnastics, and swimming. 

But anyways, I had a lovely giant yellow visitor tonight! 
I named her CREEPER, because she does just that. She CREEPS!

Awww, aint she cute! Looks at those eyes!
Im told Praying Mantis' bring good luck....SO....Heres to the future of good luck you shall bring me creepster. <3

Well fuck. 

I miss my hubby like no fucking other. I wish AIT would just BE OVER, so I could hug, kiss, hump, and cuddle....yes in that order! "PROBLEM?" lol

The distance is fucking killing us! Sighhh.....2 more months...REALLY? Thats a shit load more days! 
We did find out our future destination is Ft Carson Colorado. Yeah Im pumped, but there better not be no fucking tornados while I'm there.....I will die. Im sure of it. 

I hope my weeks gets interesting. MERP!

Hope you all have a 'Mazing Monday (:


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