Monday, July 9, 2012

Random Thought Monday

Another hot as fuck monday! Booo! 

I attempted to hit up the social security office so I can change my last name legally. And there was not one available seat in that large office! Seriously...WTF, and there were so many mexicans in there. I couldn't do it. I have NO patience for shit like that! But I did buy the new Chris Brown CD. Deluxe Edition, and I <3 It! Such a sexy man! I will be falling asleep to that sweet voice tonight. 

Random Thought Monday:


So I was sitting here thinking about how much I hate shaving. And It dawned on me how fucking easy guys have it. They don't have to shave shit. Only their faces if they "want." We have to shave EVERYTHING! Except for our arms and eyebrows, and some women choose to shave those too (why IDK) but fuck. It's annoying and time consuming. Of course, I speak for myself only, not all women groom their cooters. I for one like mine to be clean cut and pretty. (: Just another damn thing to add to the list. Armpits, legs, cooter. I'm too much of a chicken shit to wax anything. But man, in this one case I wish I was a dude. They have it so easy, besides the random boners, but thats for another Random Thought Monday! (: 

Alright Bitches, Hope you All had a great Monday, as great as a Monday could get! Ha!


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