Thursday, July 12, 2012

GOOGLE & Tears

Another not so amazing thursday. Can a bitch catch a break,
 the hysterical crying as I got to work, cost me $35. Boss was like, go home, and gave me a hug. 
Humiliation at its finest. 
The snot and tears on my shirt, the coughing and lack of breathing didn't help either. 
Horrible. I want to leave the past in the past. 
I make mistakes, Im not perfect, nor will I ever be. I have apologized for my faults. I want a breath of fresh air. I had/have high hopes for this big lifestyle change into the military.
 In my eyes it was a huge breath of fresh air, as well as a challenge, 
one I was more then willing to take on. I still am. 
I've never been so proud of my husband for stepping up, and taking on these responsibilities. To be a soldier as well. Even though the journey has just begun, and he hasn't been through any deployments, 
I still believe he has accomplished many many things, and is one strong individual. 
Im proud of my hubby, not many would sell their soul to the country, and fight for millions of people they don't know, and to add to it, he isn't even american! 
My husband is full blown 100% Dominican. And still chooses to fight for america. 
My god, In my eyes he is so amazing. And because who I am, I will always fight for him. Good or bad, whatever we face, I fight. I just pray it pays out in the end. 
We could have a great relationship, If we get this marriage thing right, and work together on all things in life. I know that because he is a soldier, unfortunately, the army comes first, and me and tiny come second, but hell, what's a man with out his wife holding him up along the way! I love my baby! 

Anyways...on a lighter note, I was talking with my whore, and whenever we are in a predicament, I'm always like google that shit. 

GOOGLE = The answer to everything. 

Every fucking question you could ever imagine you can find the answer on google. ACCEPT, i repeat ACCEPT videos on nipple stimulation. Yes bitches, I really looked that shit up in my last trimester trying to pop out Jazelle. I was sooo serious! lol, but I didn't understand how to do it, and there were exactly 0 videos showing you how to. LMAO! Do not judge me hookers! Other then that, everything I've ever questioned, thought about, anything, I have been able to google it and get an answer! With that said...

GOOGLE I Love you bro! lol

Another day down, another day closer to being with my babe. I'd count the days, but 3 months is way to fucking much to count! Sigh....Speed the fuck up time. Good lord! 



  1. Here's to hoping these 3 months start going by faster :)
    Fuckin Google is the shit!!!