Sunday, July 29, 2012

Shit I Hate Sunday

Because I love her so, & Hate too much shit <3


Shit I hate: Washing the dishes, Bitches need to wash there own damn self! Grow some little hands and feet and handle it! Thanks Much!

Shit I Hate: Little fuckers at work that love to shoot the dirty ass green pool water at me, the attendant! Fuck you you little snotballs! 

Shit I hate: Being Tall, Yeah that shit is annoying! I was always taller then the boys in school, hell im taller then my husband! AMAZON WOMAN!!!

Shit I hate: Bills! I need to be a wilderness woman, and fucking not live in this electronic century. Notice ALL electronics cost fucking money somehow some way! I need to flinestone this shit!

Shit I hate: Laundry. OMG, I just hate that shit! I'll wear my clothes till either they smell or I spill on it.

Shit I hate: Texting someone, and not getting a response for like 3 hours. Go kill yourself! I wont respond...and you can see how it feels!

Shit I hate: alllll thissss BLUBBER all over my body. Seriously, WHY, No one asked you to stick around after baby. Can you fucking GTFO! oohhh Cupcake....

Shit I hate: HORMONES AND EMOTIONS, and I'm not even pregnant! I pissed on another stick to be sure, and NOPE still no extra hormones...but they are definately RAGING! RAWR! 

Well There you have it, Shit I hate.  

Beautiful is it not? AHH HAAAA! 
Until Next time lovers!


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  1. LMAO, not washing clothes until they smell...

    I do that too...doesn't last long though..I'm a dirty bitch. lol