Monday, July 9, 2012

HOT HOT HOT - a late post from satuday

Fuck Everything about summer. All these bitches out here in fresno talk about how much they looooove summer, then come the blazing heat, they bitch like OMG its so hot. Well fuck that, this hooker right here has hated summer since she was...17 yrs old! lol. (prior to that water parks were cool  and I was a fish) 

July in the central valley is hotter then a zebras vagina! Fresno California, you never fail me! 
All this coming week were looking at 104 and hotter! Do you know what kind of hell it is to work outside in this weather, pure torture...on the other hand, IM SO DIGGING IT! Talk about free weight loss! Ha, thats why I totally loved my track shift today, I didn't care that I was hot sweaty and stinky, I was losing weight and getting paid! Uhh-mazing! 

I had a skype date with my mister today too. GOOD GOD he is one sexy human being. I miss humping that man! He had to change into his PT formation clothes before final formation, and OHHWEEE, I could have died. We've discussed my lack of motivation to exercise, which I don't exactly lack it, it's just fucking hard as hell to do it. In the near future I'll be getting a gym membership, so I can bust my ass in the gym and find myself again. I used to be a fitness WHORE. I would run stadiums 5 days a week for like an hour + and I LOVED it. Then shit happened and I fell off the deep end, haven't really "loved" me since, but fuck the bullshit, Its on! MILF status wasssuuuppp! I can't wait! Then I'll get madd sexy ass tattoos, and be a suicide MOM lol. Oh I kill myself. No really I do! haha. 

I have been lacking on the bow making, because I didn't realize how fucking many different sizes of ribbon there are, and I apparently need WAY more, and sorry but that fucking shit is NOT cheap. What do I look like Michaels...Mrs. Money Bags? NO the fuck I dont. GTFO! 

I cannot WAIT to move! No really, this 1 bedroom apartment is a shithole! I never knew how much stuff a baby would have, I should have gotten the 2 BdRM. UGH, I know the houses on base are way big, and the smallest is usually a 3 bdrm, which we dont need that, but I wouldn't mind because the 3rd bedroom could be my lil Bow Hole, and I could spend my life creating my fantasy room. Oh how amazingly spectacular that would be! Then we could also have a nursery for tiny, and then POW our own Sexy room. OMG I cant wait! Ideas just floooood my brain, and it already hurts so I need to stop! ahaha!

Well, I guess I been doing the whole Bloggin thing wrong. According to my hooker destiny, Blog would is 3 hours ahead, and for the day I blog I should be bloggin in the early hours of the morning. SMH, Another blog fail on my part. taha suck it!



  1. You're blog timing is fine for me. Then again I'm half way across the world in different fucking hemisphere.

    I detest the winter and love summer but I still think you rock.

  2. Bitch I was joking, I blog all hours I don't have a set time, I just like to have my link up at midnight on Sunday you whore bag!

  3. Duuuude Im jealous, I want to visit the other side of the world, maybe even the moon, IJS! lol. bahahaha destiny, SUCK IT! I mad the epic blog fail post, but writing this yesterday...not posting it. then being bored and posting it today. and I dont give a rats hairy ass either! :P