Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday The 13, Bitch I own you!

Friday Friday, Gotta Get Down on Friday! 

Friday the 13th, WHAT WHAT! 

Wasssuuuppppp Hookers! I'm In a CHIPPER mood this evening. 
Why, because bitch, I can be! lol. Only Joking. 
Spoke with the hubby to tonight, he appeared to have a shitty 13th. My poor cupiecake. ): It sucks balls to not be able to give him an hug and just be there for him when shit hits the fan. Distance can kiss huge donkey testicles! 
On another note, we decided that I would get a gym membership tomorrow, so I can do what I've been bitching about since.....Last summer (I was preggo...My fucking excuse in life for everything!) WORK OUT and get fucking sexy as shit, and stunt on hookers! LOL. Im soooo damn excited to run, and lift and be a fucking maniac in the gym! You ready for the annoying fitness posts...NO, SUCK IT! 

Also, remember last week, my daughter like began to rock right. Mama was so proud, My mom was like ohhhh don't worry, she'll be rocking for a long time before she crawls....To hell with that shit. This little girl is crawling. 6 months 2 days old, and she can get in about 3 crawls. LOL, Cutest shit of my fucking life! Shes soooo tiny, I weighed her today, and she weighed in at 14.3 lbs! She's about 4 inches of the ground (LOL) when she's crawling, Its quiet humorous. Goodness I love her face! 

Well my Kickass Friday the 13th is coming to and end. Thank god! Hope you a'll had a pretty rad one as well, with no bad luck to intervene and make it shitty! 
Lots of shit planned for tomorrow. Can't wait! 


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