Monday, July 16, 2012


Everything was going good this morning, until I got on Facebook and saw and heart stopping post. 
My former boss at my present job, was suddenly taken from us, and is now home, up above watching over us. As the story unfolded, we all learned that our loved one Phillip Johnson drowned last night at a lake nearby. He went into the water to get a little kids sandal, and suddenly went under and never came up. We don't know how or why he had to go so soon, he was only 27, about to graduate from college, with a loving and adoring girlfriend of many many years. This man was the absolute best boss I could have ever had the pleasure of working under. He was funny, caring, super friendly, hard working, and just an all around amazing person. I'll never forget my first day of training, when he was telling us how to run attractions, rock wall to be specific, and was like "fuck that, you don't gotta wear the belt, no one does." From that day, I knew I was going to have a blast at work. A boss who cusses, SERIOUSLY! Loved it! My heart hurts deeply for this loss. Giving the news to all of the former and present employees who worked under Phil, was something I never thought I would be doing. Hearing them cry on the phone, everybody's disbelief, no body wanted to believe it, and the toughest men shed tears of grief. I'll never forget you Phil. I respected you to the fullest! May You rest in piece, I know your up there watching over us, and living it up! See you bro! 

On a positive note, This weekend was pretty laid back. Today I went with my mom to see Ice Age: Continental Drift. AMAZING! I absolutely LOVED it! I plan to get all the ice age movies for my little! She'll adore them! We also Had some fun in the sun, at a friends house on saturday. Here Goes....

 My pretty Baby just chillen <3

She also eats my face, but I lovveesss her! 

And I'd Like to end this post with a couple Laughs. These E cards Get me every time! 

Heres to a positive week! 
Love you hookers! 


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  1. :( that is devastating news. Much love to his family.
    My little dudes love the ice age movies. We haven't seen the new one yet, but are hoping to take them sometime next week.