Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The fuckery I call my life


First of all -- WHAT UP BITCHESSS -- Im Back <3

Today has been a load of BULLSHIT from the moment I woke up at 4:30 am (thank you tiny!) Today was the day I had to get my spinal tap, and FUCK YES I was a little bitch going in, but I handled that shit like a BOSS! So I've had loss of vision in my right eye for like 2 months now. Its been nothing but a pain in the ass, but it worried me enough to get it looked out...If I would have known I was going to have to go through all this bullshit, ida just fucking been blind, seriously...who needs to see! Overrated! LOL Anyways. So Long story short...a few weeks ago the doctor was like your optic disks are swollen (cool story bro) go get a MRI and a spinal tap. Hang out in ER for fucking EVER, cause clearly you have no life and don't have a 5 month old baby (you've got to be fucking shitting me! ) So after sitting in the ER waiting room for like 4 hours, I had a MRI on my brain. NEVER FUCKING AGAIN! That shits loud, and if your chlostrophobic your royally fucked. After the MRI they had me sitting in a room for like another 2-3 hours waiting for a spinal tap. Do u know WTF the process is for a spinal tap?? Wait for I was like FUCK U I miss my kid and had work the next day. With that said, I could NOT get out of the spinal tap and had to schedule and outpatient procedure (fine by me... IN N OUT BAYBEE) This appt. was today, and good god I did not realize the process after was total hell and torture. So this chick poked and prodded my spinal column, sucked out fluid to go get tested for some bullshit I don't even know. and I laid on that table for a complete 1 hour and the procedure was only 30 minutes, then after I was put on a gurney and had to sit in this BORING ass room for 2 hours laying flat on my back not moving (I SO MOVED BAHA) whatever...then they tell me, I needed to be babysat by a responsible adult because I wasn't allowed to be up walking around lifting (reminder -5 month old baby) So with that said, I've been laid up in my moms apt, doing NOTHING all damn day, and it blows! great way to spend my tuesday! BLAH! If these result come back negative for whatever the hell they are looking for, someone's gonna die! If I get a spinal headache...someone's gonna die twice! lol. So thats my story for the day! WHOOPIEE! 
Hospitals Suck Monkey Nutts!

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, and I have NO plans, as well as no adorable outfit for my daughter. I am not proud of that, but due to financial drama, it wasn't possible. Im sad. Maybe ill puffy paint the fuck out of some white onsie and make shit work. We'll see. I need to find something to do first. Ultimate lameness! I have the CUTEST pics of my daughter to post as day...yeah one day....

Time to KO. with my immobile ass!



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  2. YAY Excited to meet fellow hookers! I did the same as well.