Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sunshine Award

Well Thank you much [A Daft Scots Lass] for nominating me for this sweet little award. 
This award is given to blogs which "contribute to the blogging community in a positive or inspirational way".

Hard to believe I do such a thing given all the drama in my life at the moment, but it did make me smile so I suppose I can get with it! 

Those receiving the Sunshine Award are asked to:

Answer ten questions about yourself.

Pass the award on to 10 bloggers you enjoy, link to their blogs, and let them know you nominated them.
So here are my answers to the 10 questions:
Favourite Colour : Black/hott pink
Favorite animal : Little Round furry Kittens
Favorite number : 14 7+7=14 DOUBLE LUCK! 
Favorite drink : Water, So refreshing! 
Favorite website: Facebook, Its like crack! Damn you Facebook, I need a 12 step program! 
Passions: sex...Ohhh thats not what you were asking! LOL. Exercise, music, sleeping ( I am sooooo passionate about that!) and networking now! 
Prefer getting or giving presents: This question...Ugh! I adore giving gifts, the looks on the getters face when they open one of your heartfelt gifts is pricless! 
Favorite pattern:  Zebra cheetah. 
Favorite day of the week: Saturday! 
Favorite flower: Pink Rose. Idk y. 

And I dont have many followers, So for everyone reading this your tagged! YAY! Go you! You WIN! <3<3


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