Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Monday, Monday, Oh how I LOATHE theee! 
Monday you can just suck a fat one! 
Once again I was babysitting little shit heads alll afternoon. And some of these parents are just stupid. Customer service BLOWS! I vow to never be as ignorant as a parent as these other mothers. 

On another note, tomorrow I will be going out of town for 4-5 days! Gonna go visit the fam. SO looking forward to that. Free babysitters! FUCK yes! Downside....the lack of internet and 4g in the mountains. The fuck am I going to do with out the net....Oh thats right....


BOW MAKING! Yes I went out and got everything I needed to start making bows. You thought I was kidding. HELLS TO THE NAW
I was tooo excited to wait to test my skills...and....
Unfortunately I have none! The brown bow is HIDEOUS, but the others aren't so bad. 
Mind you these are my first attempt at bows. 
So don't go getting your panties in a bunch because your like, 
OMG she SUCKS at life, and should quit. 
Practice makes perfect! 
I am proud of my first bows, because in all honesty they could be worse, and this is without watching any tutorials, just reading up on it. So with that said, expect more exquisite bows in the near future (:

Moving on, because I am a first time blogger and have read exactly....0 forums on what to on this bad boy, and linking and all that Jazz...My blog is not exactly TOP NOTCH, what do you bitches expect from me. I could only wish I had all the free time in the world to sit on my computer all damn day and learn, but nope, I gotta handle my shit. So It will be a process in making it all kickass. Work with mee! 

Well its late as fuck, and I have to go back to the eye doc in the early AM cause my eyes are all fucked up. I wish seeing wasn't THAT important, but...IT IS. Oh well. 

Talk to you bitches later! 


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  1. LOL I already love u! AHAHAHA
    I have a plastic bin full of bow making things...I suck too. But u just kicked me in my ass with this post. So I guess I will be makin bows with u this weekend. Have a great visit with the fam love