Sunday, June 24, 2012


I have come to the conclusion, that my sole purpose in life is to be a bow/tutu maker. 
Because clearly, there is not enough of these people in this world. Taha....Seriously if that was the reason for my existence, I'd really need to kill myself. With that said I am an aspiring bow maker who has never made not one single bow in her entire life. Can we say WINNING! 
Yes...While my hubby is doing his military thing, I shall sit home with the mini me and make bows and tutu's and sell them allll across the world, because mine will be better then everyone elses. U mad? Dont care!  Its good to dream right. 
I hate people so working in customer service is a no go! Seriously....its probably because all of my past "jobs" have been babysitting other peoples little shits whom I despise. What happened to teaching children manners? Seriously, I hate your kids! Get over it. I don't know how I haven't been fired. LOL.
 ANY WAY DOE...I probably wont become the millionaire I dream of being by making bows and tutu's which is highly unfortunate, but fuck it. We do things cause we love it right....right....MURP

This day has been to fukking long and I'm OVER it, another shitty day babysitting other peoples badass kids begins again tomorrow. 



  1. DUDE! I am a mom to 4 boys just like Des and I too aspire to be the best bow maker in the world! LMAO!!!! Of all the things right?! What sucks more monkey balls is that my youngest son has the prettiest curly hair ever and I can't do shit about it!!! So maybe I can make big Texas sized hair bows for moms and you can make them for littles and we can take over the world! ;-)

  2. LOL! I don't know how either of you two hookers do it! One kid drains alllll my energy, with 4, oh lord i dont even want to hurts my brain just considering the idea!! But you can totally dress up boys....just not with bows...unless then want em! haha! and YESS! I would so buy big mommy type bow headband things if I had normal hair of course (working on that shit) TEAM MOM BOWS! Fuck yeah! Im all down for taking over the world! LOL! Lets make millions! (: