Saturday, June 23, 2012

New To this Ish!

Well Well....BlogSpot...
We DONT meet again, as I have never done this before...
Therefore, I have NO idea what I am doing. So you all must WORK WITH ME! 
I suppose I will be spilling my journey of being a new mother and military wifey onto the net. JOY. 
My Kid is a trip, and the cutest lil Brown eyes curly haired kid you've ever seen. So Im Just going to warn you in advance, you will mostly likely be showered in photos galore of my little nugget. 
Her Name is Jazelle, she is my Zelle Belle, My Zelly Belly, My Jazzy. I Luff her lil chubby cheeks. She is 5 months and some weeks!  I adore her. 
I am Happily Married to my MISTA MISTA! We ARMY STRONG HooaHH! I adore him as well. He gave me my gorgeous child so I must adore this man. 
Well for now I will leave you with that, because Honestly...I need to be taught how to blog, Yes I am that Blogstupid. 
Untill Further notice...

Le Peace! <3

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