Monday, September 17, 2012

I miss you bloggy buddies!

Waaaahhhh Bloggy buddies, how I've missed you so much!

I forgot what it felt like to link up, and be open, and fun! (:

Stupid life why must you make me so sucky!!! 

I promise, once we are settled in Colorado, I will be so much more faithful to you my lovies! (:

haha, what are we married? smfh! Oh well.! 

I hope everyone had a stupendous weekend! 

I sold a bunch of crappy shit at a yard sale, and made 90$. Soooo I went grocery shopping, and got gas! 


But I HATE YARD SALES! people are seriously wack! ughh!

I am no longer working! Bitter sweet moment, but I am all to excited to pick up a better job in colorado, and help support my family, and spoil my baby! (:

I will be back soon for more linkys! I love em! 



  1. $90 cool! I need to sell some ish too. I have collected so much junk since moving from Louisiana to Texas back in 2010.
    When are you moving to Colorado?

    1. Lol. I hate moving. it sucks!! Uhh like 2 weeks. its real soon.