Saturday, September 15, 2012

I can't sleep

Hello all my gorgeous stalkers! 

I'm doing a terrible job of keeping up my blog right now. 

So much is going on, I can't even find a place to start...

SO...I wont. HA!

I've missed you all dearly! 

I'm still currently stressing over the future. I honestly don't know up from down. 

I'm praying every night for the best possibly outcome for the situation I'm in. 

My husband has been gone since Monday for a 12 day FTX (field training experience)

The lack of contact is driving me insane, especially after the last conversation we had /:
For me, it's a positive experience (not being able to talk) I can only hope it is the same way for him. 

We'll see. 

My daughter just turned 8 months. She is just a doll. (: I love her SOO much! 

I am going to stay positive for my future. Work on the problems, I'm not ready to give up. This will disappoint many close to me. But in the end, if they are true friends, they'll stick around. 

To another saturday closer to reuniting with my husband! 2 weeks left. Surreal. 


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